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HDF5 general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data

HDF5 is a data model, library, and file format for storing and managing data. It supports an unlimited variety of datatypes, and is designed for flexible and efficient I/O and for high volume and complex data. HDF5 is portable and is extensible, allowing applications to evolve in their use of HDF5. The HDF5 Technology suite includes tools and applications for managing, manipulating, viewing, and analyzing data in the HDF5 format.

Version: 1.14.1-2 License: NCSA GitHub
Maintainers eborisch
Categories science
Homepage https://portal.hdfgroup.org/display/HDF5
Platforms darwin
  • clang10 (Build using the MacPorts clang 10 compiler)
  • clang11 (Build using the MacPorts clang 11 compiler)
  • clang12 (Build using the MacPorts clang 12 compiler)
  • clang13 (Build using the MacPorts clang 13 compiler)
  • clang14 (Build using the MacPorts clang 14 compiler)
  • clang15 (Build using the MacPorts clang 15 compiler)
  • clang16 (Build using the MacPorts clang 16 compiler)
  • clang50 (Build using the MacPorts clang 5.0 compiler)
  • clang60 (Build using the MacPorts clang 6.0 compiler)
  • clang70 (Build using the MacPorts clang 7.0 compiler)
  • clang80 (Build using the MacPorts clang 8.0 compiler)
  • clang90 (Build using the MacPorts clang 9.0 compiler)
  • clangdevel (Build using the MacPorts clang devel compiler)
  • cxx ( Enable c++ interface. +cxx is EXPERIMENTAL with +threadsafe or any mpi variant )
  • fortran ( Enable Fortran bindings. +fortran is EXPERIMENTAL with +threadsafe )
  • g95 (Build using the g95 Fortran compiler)
  • gcc10 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 10 compiler)
  • gcc11 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 11 compiler)
  • gcc12 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 12 compiler)
  • gccdevel (Build using the MacPorts gcc devel compiler)
  • gfortran (Build using the MacPorts gcc 12 Fortran compiler)
  • hl ( Enable High Level interface. +hl is EXPERIMENTAL with +threadsafe )
  • mpich (Build using the MPICH compiler)
  • openmpi (Build using the OpenMPI compiler)
  • threadsafe ( Enable threadsafety. +threadsafe is EXPERIMENTAL with +cxx, +fortran, or any mpi variant )
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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Mac users may need to set the environment variable "HDF5_USE_FILE_LOCKING" to the five-character string "FALSE" when accessing network mounted files. This is an application run-time setting, not a configure or build setting. Otherwise errors such as "unable to open file" or "HDF5 error" may be encountered.

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