The MacPorts web application:
  1. Displays general information about all the ports.
  2. Fetches and displays build history of the ports.
  3. Collects and displays installation statistics (system configurations and installed ports) from users who opt-in by installing the port mpstats.
  4. Makes available all the collected data through API.


The MacPorts Webapp was written by Arjun Salyan as a Google Summer of Code 2019 project, mentored by Mojca Miklavec and Umesh Singla. The server is administered by Clemens Lang.


The first MacPorts statistics web application and the initial client were written by Derek Ingrouville as a Google Summer of Code 2011 project. Some documentation for the source written in GSoC can be found in the Wiki. The source code for the server is available in MacPorts' Subversion repository at /branches/gsoc11-statistics.


The web application is based on the Django Framework and utilises a PostgreSQL database. It runs inside a Docker container with nginx and uWSGI serving the content.


The app is dependent on the following:

Port Information was last updated at:
2021-06-15 20:56 (UTC)

Latest build fetched has 'start time':
2021-06-15 20:49 (UTC)

Latest stats submission was received at:
2021-06-16 00:03 (UTC)