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the core engine and interface to VLC's multimedia framework

libVLC is the core engine and the interface to the multimedia framework on which VLC media player is based. It allows developers to create a wide range of multimedia applications using the VLC features.

Version: 2.2.8 License: GPL-2+ GitHub
Maintainers RJVB
Categories devel multimedia
Platforms darwin
  • dbus (Enable DBus support)
  • freerdp (Build the FreeRDP support; currently dysfunctional)
  • full (Enable all variants except x11 (and except freerdp, currently))
  • huge (Enable all variants except quartz, smb, freerdp and x11)
  • jack (Enable jack plugin for audio output)
  • pulse (Enable PulseAudio support)
  • quartz (Enable native macOS graphics support)
  • shout (Enable Shoutcast/Icecast streaming output support)
  • smb (Enable Samba 3 input support)
  • svg (Enable SVG rendering and decoding support)
  • x11 (Enable X11 support)

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MIDI support requires installing one or more SoundFont files, in ${prefix}/share/sounds/sf2, for instance from port:generaluser-soundfont.

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