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3mux 0.3.0 Terminal multiplexer inspired by i3
abduco 0.6 abduco is a tool for session {at,de}tach support
aesutil 1.0.7 command line program to encrypt and decrypt data via AES
afscompress 1.7.0 A fork of brkirch's afsctool utility, featuring several improvements.
afsctool 1.6.4 Utility for manipulating HFS+ compressed files
agrep 2.04 agrep is similar to egrep.
amttools 1.6 Intel AMTĀ® Serial-over-LAN client and tools
am-utils 6.1.5 The Berkeley Automounter Suite of Utilities
anacron 2.3 Schedules periodic jobs on systems that are not permanently up
andatool 0.8 Andatool displays in realtime how often regular expressions match
android-file-transfer-linux 3.9 Reliable MTP client with minimalistic UI
angle-grinder 0.16 Slice and dice log files on the command line.
ansible SSH-based configuration management and deployment system
ansible-lint 3.4.19 Best practices checker for Ansible playbooks
ansible_select 0.1 Common files for selecting the default Ansible version
apachetop 0.18.4 top-like display of Apache logs
apl_select 1.0 Common files for selecting default apl version
apparix 11-062 File system navigation on steroids
AquaLess 1.6 Cocoa pager similar to less
arc 5.21p create and extract files from dos .arc archives
argocd 1.8.2 Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes
arj 3.10.22 create and extract files from dos .arj archives
arq_restore 0.0.1 Command-line utility for restoring from backups created by Arq.
asciinema 2.0.2 Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
asprint 0.5.0 prints out the contents of a compiled AppleScript file
augeas 1.12.0 configuration editing tool
autojump 22.5.3 a cd command that learns
autopsy 2.24 Autopsy Forensic Browser
autossh 1.4g tool to restart terminated ssh sessions
awscli_select 0.1 common files for selecting default awscli version
awsets 0.4.1 A utility for crawling an AWS account and exporting all its resources for further analysis.
b5i2iso 0.2 BlindWrite image to ISO image file converter
backuppc 4.4.0 BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, WinXX and Mac OS X PCs and laptops to a server.
bacula 9.4.4 network based backup program
bacula5 5.2.13 network based backup program
barrier 2.3.3 share a keyboard and mouse over the network
bash-completion 2.11 Programmable bash completions
bashish 2.2.4 Bashish is a theming utility for text environments.
bbcolors 1.0.1 a tool for saving and loading text color preference schemes for BBEdit and TextWrangler.
bcfg2 1.3.6 Bcfg2 configuration management system
bchunk 1.2.2 Converts a CD image in a .bin/.cue format to .iso or .cdr
bcwipe 1.7-7 Securely erase data from magnetic and solid-state memory.
bd 1.0.2 a tool to cd into parent directories, instead of ../../.., etc
bdes 4.7-RELEASE Block-based DES cipher utility
bdump 3.5 view files in hex and ASCII formats side by side
beanstalkd 1.12 a fast, distributed, in-memory workqueue service
bed 0.2.1 Binary editor written in Go
bfs 2.0 A breadth-first version of the UNIX find command.
binplist 0.1.5 A binary plist parser
blueutil 2.6.0 CLI for Bluetooth on macOS
bool 0.2.2 find files that match a boolean expression
borgbackup 1.1.15 Deduplicating backup program
boxbackup 0.11.1 completely automatic on-line backup system.
bpytop 1.0.59 Linux/macOS/FreeBSD resource monitor
brightness 1.2 brightness changes the screen brightness from the command line
broot 1.2.0 A new way to see and navigate directory trees
bsdsfv 1.18 BSD-licensed simple file verification utility
btrfs-progs 0.18 Btrfs utility programs.
buffer 1.19 Reblocking buffer for tape writes
bulk_extractor 1.5.5 Extract investigative features
bupstash 0.6.4 Easy and efficient encrypted backups
burn-app 2.5.1 is a burning application for Mac OS X
burp 2.1.32 BackUp and Restore Program
byobu 5.133 open source text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer
bzip2 1.0.8 compression library and tools
cabextract 1.9.1 Extract files from Microsoft cabinet files
calcurse 4.5.1 text-based personal organizer
cardpeek 0.8.4 Cardpeek is a tool to read the contents of ISO7816 smart cards.
ccal 0.6 ccal
ccd2iso 0.3 CloneCD image to ISO image file converter
cdargs 1.35 Bookmarks for the shell
cdrdao 1.2.4 Disk-At-Once Recording of Audio and Data CD-Rs/CD-RWs
cdrtools 3.01 ISO 9660 filesystem and CD creation tools
certigo 1.12.1 A utility to examine and validate certificates in a variety of formats.
cfengine3 3.12.1 network configuration-management tool
cfiles 1.7.1 A ncurses file manager written in C with vim like keybindings
cfm 0.6.0 Cactus File Manager
c-hey 2.1 unix terminal based Instant Messaging Utility
chezmoi 1.8.10 Manage your dotfiles across multiple machines, securely.
chgrep 1.2.4 Fast string substitution across multiple files
chkrootkit 0.53 chkrootkit is a tool to locally check for signs of a rootkit
chrony 4.0 A versatile implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
chsuf 0.9 tool to change suffix of files
cksfv 1.3.14 simple file verification utility
clamav 0.103.0 clamav antivirus software
clamav-server 0.101.2 Clamav antivirus software macOS server configuration.
clang_select 2.2 common files for selecting default clang version
clex 4.6.patch10 file manager with curses interface
cliclick 4.0.1 a utility for simulating mouse and keyboard events
cloudman 0.1.5 Textual user interface to manage ec2 instances.
cloudmonkey 6.1.0 CloudMonkey is a command line interface for Apache Cloudstack.
clpbar 1.11.1 tool to copy a stream of data and print a progress bar
clusterssh 4.160.0 Cluster Admin via SSH
CocoaDialog 2.3.7 common GUI controls for command-line application
cocoa-tlassemble 1.0 tlassemble is a simple Mac OS X command line utility that combines a sequence of images into a movie.
collectd 5.8.0 flexible daemon periodically collecting system statistics data
contacts 1.1 command line tool to access Mac OS X's Address Book
convmv 2.05 Convert filenames from one encoding to another
coreutils 8.32 GNU File, Shell, and Text utilities
cpan2port 0.1.1_20190228 A perl script to generate MacPorts portfiles

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