v 1.7.3 Updated: 11 months, 2 weeks ago

A fork of brkirch's afsctool utility, featuring several improvements.

AFSC (Apple File System Compression) tool is a utility that can be used to apply HFS+/APFS compression to file(s), decompress HFS+/APFS compressed file(s), or get information about existing HFS+/APFS compressed file(s). macOS 10.6 or later is required. This fork has several modifications, mostly concerning the compression feature, including: improved error reporting, an attempt to reduce memory pressure pressure compressing large files, support for multiple files/folders specified on the commandline, a backup option while compressing (that comes in addition to the existing undo if something went wrong), and support for files that are read-only (and/or write-only) by changing their permissions temporarily. No error checking is done for this feature; failure will lead to errors that are already caught. The main new feature that justifies the version bump, however, is the parallel processing feature, allowing the user to specify an arbitrary (though positive :)) number of threads that will compress the specified files in parallel.

To install afscompress, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install afscompress

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