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Name Version Description
abook 0.5.6 Address book with mutt support
aerc 0.5.2 Terminal-based email client.
alot 0.3.4 experimental terminal MUA based on notmuch mail
alpine 2.23 alpine - a Program for Internet News and Email
altermime 0.3.10 integrated email manipulation utility
amavisd-new 2.11.0 amavisd-new is a high-performance interface between mailer (MTA) and content checkers: virus scanners, and/or SpamAssassin.
anubis 4.2 GNU Anubis is an outgoing mail processor.
archivemail 0.9.0 archive and compress old email
archmbox 4.10.0 simple email archiver for the mbox format
assp 1.1.0 Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) Server
balsa 2.5.9 GNOME e-mail client
base-64 1.3 command line RFC 3548-compliant base 64 encoder and decoder
base64 1.5 Encode and decode base64 files
base91 0.6.0 Encode and decode base91 files
biabam 0.9.7 biabam is a bash attachment mailer
bmf 0.9.4 Bayesian Mail Filter
bogofilter 1.2.5 Fast Bayesian Spam Filter
calendar-contacts-server 9.3.20190916 Apple Calendar and Contacts Server configuration
cclient 2007f UW IMAP c-client library
clamsmtp 1.10 SMTP filter checking for viruses using the ClamAV anti-virus
claws-mail 3.17.6 A lightweight and very featureful GTK+ based e-mail and news client
courier-authlib 0.68.0 Courier Authentication Library is a generic authentication API
courier-imap 4.18.2 IMAP server
courier-unicode 2.1 Courier Unicode Library implements several algorithms related to the Unicode Standard
cyrus5-imapd 2.5.4 The Cyrus IMAP Server
cyrus-imapd 2.4.20 The Cyrus IMAP Server
dcc 2.3.167 The Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses or DCC is an anti-spam content filter that runs on a variety of operating systems.
deletemail 0.5 non-interactive tool for removing mail from IMAP4 mailboxes
dovecot Secure, fast imap and pop3 server
dovecot-sieve 0.5.11 Pigeonhole sieve and managesieve plugins for dovecot
dspam 3.10.2 Scalable, open-source statistical anti-spam filter
etpan 0.7.1 etPan is a console mail user agent based on libEtPan
exim 4.94 complete replacement for sendmail
fetchmail 6.3.26 Batch mail retrieval utility for IMAP, POP2, POP3, APOP, KPOP, ETRN, or ODMR
fetchmail-devel 6.4.0.beta2 Batch mail retrieval utility for IMAP, POP2, POP3, APOP, KPOP, ETRN, or ODMR
gensig 2.3 A random .signature generator
getmail 5.14 extensible mail retrieval system with POP3, IMAP4, SSL support
gmime 2.6.23 GMime is a C/C++ library for parsing and creating messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME). This is GMime-2.6 which installs in parallel with GMime-3.0 (port gmime3).
gmime3 3.2.7 GMime is a C/C++ library for parsing and creating messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME). This is GMime-3.0 which installs in parallel with GMime-2.6 (port gmime).
GNUMail-Aqua 1.2.0pre3 Fully featured mail application using GNUStep or Cocoa.
gnupg1 1.4.23 GNU Privacy Guard version 1.4
gnupg2 2.2.25 GNU Privacy Guard
hello 2.10 utility for saying hello and reading email
hypermail 2.3.0 Hypermail, mail to cross-referenced HTML converter
imapfilter 2.6.16 IMAP message processor/filter
imapsync 1.945 imapsync is an IMAP synchronization, copy or migration tool.
imap-uw 2007f University of Washington IMAP daemon
isync 1.4.1 command line utility to synchronize mailboxes
lbdb 0.48.1 The little brother's database for the mutt mail reader.
libb64 1.1 C library for fast encoding/decoding into and from base64
libesmtp 1.0.6 ESMTP library
libetpan 1.9.4 mail access library
libidn 1.36 GNU International Domain Name Library (legacy version 1).
libidn2 2.3.0 GNU International Domain Name Library (current version 2)
libmilter 8.16.1 libmilter library from Sendmail
librfc822 1.2 complete parser for RFC822 addresses
libsieve 2.2.5 A library for parsing, sorting and filtering your mail
libvmime 0.9.1 library for dealing with RFC-822, 2822, MIME messages
listat 2.1.1 generates interesting statistics on mailing list demographics
lmtp2nntp 1.4.1 LMTP service for use in conjunction with an MTA
lurker 2.3 Not just another mailing list archiver.
maildrop 3.0.0 Mail delivery agent (MDA) with filtering abilities
mailman 2.1.29 Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager
mailqfmt 0.6 Postfix mailq file reformatter
mail-server 1.2 Mail server configuration
mailsync 5.2.1 keeps collection of mailboxes in sync
MailtoMutt 0.4.1 MailtoMutt is a very simple application which handles mailto URLs, and hands them off to the Mutt MUA.
mailutils 3.6 General-Purpose Mail Packages
mairix 0.23 Email index and search tool
mb2md 3.20 Script for converting Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format
milter-greylist 4.6.3 milter-greylist standalone greylist milter
mixminion implementation of the Type III Anonymous Remailer protocol
mpack 1.6 mime mail packing and unpacking
mpop 1.2.2 small and fast POP3 client
msmtp 1.8.14 SMTP client that can be used as an SMTP plugin for Mutt
mu 1.4.15 Command-line tools to index and search email (aka maildir-utils)
muchsync 5 Synchronize mail messages and notmuch tags across machines.
mutt 2.0.5 The Mutt E-Mail Client
muttils 1.3 Utilities for console mail clients
muttprint 0.72d pretty printing of your mails
nbsmtp 1.00 simple command line smtp client
neomutt 20200925 The Mutt E-Mail Client (patched version with added features)
newmail 1.0.1 Utility to check for new mail in multiple mailboxes
nginx 1.19.7 High-performance HTTP(S) server, HTTP(S) reverse proxy and IMAP/POP3 proxy server
notmuch 0.31.2 The mail indexer
notmuch-addrlookup 8 Address lookup tool for Notmuch in C using GLib and libnotmuch
offlineimap 7.3.3 IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
opendkim 2.10.3 OpenDKIM is an implementation of the DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
opensmtpd 6.8.0p2 secure, reliable, lean, and easy-to configure SMTP server
p5.26-mail-audit 2.228.0 Library for creating easy mail filters
p5.26-mail-authenticationresults 1.20200824.1 Mail::AuthenticationResults - Object Oriented Authentication-Results Headers
p5.26-mail-dkim Signs or verifies mail with DKIM, Domainkey signature
p5.26-mail-sendmail 0.800.0 Simple platform independent e-mail from perl scripts.
p5.26-mail-spamassassin 3.4.4 mail filter to identify spam
p5.26-mail-spf 2.9.0 Object oriented implementation of SPF
p5.26-razor2-client-agent 2.860.0 Vipul's Razor is a distributed, collaborative, spam detection and filtering network.
p5.26-razor-agents 2.840.0 Obsolete port, replaced by p5.26-razor2-client-agent
p5.28-mail-audit 2.228.0 Library for creating easy mail filters
p5.28-mail-authenticationresults 1.20200824.1 Mail::AuthenticationResults - Object Oriented Authentication-Results Headers
p5.28-mail-dkim Signs or verifies mail with DKIM, Domainkey signature

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