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2048.cpp 2019-12-12 Fully featured terminal version of the game 2048 written in C++
2Pong 1.0.1a Pong game with 2 balls, 2 and 4 player support
4th 3.62.5 very small Forth compiler
54321 1.0.2001.11.16 5 games in 4, 3, or 2 dimensions for 1 player
6tunnel 0.13 Tunnelling for IPv4-only application
9e 1.0 Plan 9 unarchiver
a2ps 4.14 an Any to PostScript filter.
a52dec 0.7.4 library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams, aka AC-3
aacgain 1.8 AAC/MP3 normalisation tool
aalib 1.4rc5 Portable ascii art GFX library
abclock 1.0d analog clock for X
abcm2ps 8.14.9 abcm2ps converts abc music tunes to PostScript
abcMIDI 2020.07.14 Abc to midi and vice versa converter
abgx360 1.0.6 Xbox 360 disc checker
abiword 2.4.5 A word processor with gnome support.
abook 0.5.6 Address book with mutt support
abtransfers AB-Transfers allows to carry out bank transactions online. It is meant to complement KMyMoney and GnuCash.
accountsservice 0.6.42 AccountsService provides a set of D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information.
ace 6.5.2 ACE is an object-oriented framework that implements many core patterns for concurrent communication software.
aces_container 1.0.2 Reference implementation of SMPTE S2065-4
ackmate 1.1.2 AckMate is a TextMate plugin for running Ack in a Cocoa window.
acpica 20200528 ACPI compiler
activewire 4.0 Driver for the ActiveWire board
adblock2privoxy 2.0.1 Convert adblock config files to privoxy format
add 20180701 Fixed-point, full screen calculator.
ade 0.1.1f Graph construction, manipulation, and processing framework.
adns 1.5.1 asynchronous DNS client library
ADOL-C 2.7.2 Algorithmic Differentiation Library for C/C++
advancecomp 2.1 recompression utilities for .PNG, .MNG, .ZIP and .GZ files
advancemame 3.9 unofficial MAME version with advanced video support
advancemenu 2.5.0 Obsolete port, replaced by advancemame
advancescan 1.18 command line rom manager for many emulators
advi 1.10.2 TeX DVI previewer
adwaita-icon-theme 3.38.0 Adwaita icon theme
aegis 4.24.3 A project change supervisor
aerc 0.4.0 Terminal-based email client.
Aerial 2.0.9 Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac
aescrypt 0.7 A program for encryption/decryption.
aeson-pretty 0.8.7 JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool.
aesutil 1.0.7 command line program to encrypt and decrypt data via AES
aewan 1.0.01 Curses-based program for the creation and editing of ascii art
aff4 1.0-20180212 AFF4 -The Advanced Forensics File Format
afflib 3.7.19 The Advanced Forensic Format
afio 2.5.1 Archiver & backup program with builtin compression
afscompress 1.7.0 A fork of brkirch's afsctool utility, featuring several improvements.
afsctool 1.6.4 Utility for manipulating HFS+ compressed files
aften 0.0.8 A/52 audio encoder
AfterStep 2.2.11 Window Manager based on NeXTStep interface.
agave 0.4.7 Generate a variety of colorschemes from a single starting color.
aget 0.4.1 multithreaded HTTP download accelerator
agprocess 0.5 framework class for reporting Unix process statistics
aidadoc 1.4.2 Command line tool to process files written with Aida Markup Language
aide 0.15.1 Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
aimage 3.2.5 The Advanced Disk Imager
aircrack-ng 1.6 Aircrack-ng is the next generation of aircrack with lots of new features
airspy 20200726-652fd7f1 Host software for AirSpy, a project to produce a low cost, open source software radio platform (SDR).
airspyhf 1.6.8 User mode driver for Airspy HF+
ajp-wsgi 1.1 WSGI server/gateway implementing AJP
akonadi A personal information management storage service.
Akumuli 0.8.78 Akumuli is a time-series database for modern hardware
alacritty 0.5.0 A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
ale 0.8.7 antilamenessing engine
alembic 1.7.12 data representation scheme for storing computer graphics scenes
alex 3.2.5 A tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell
alglib 3.16.0 a cross-platform numerical analysis and data processing library
algol68g 2.8.1 Algol68 implementation as defined by the Revised Report
alienarena 7.71.1-20200830-r5669 retro sci-fi old school deathmatch game similar to Quake III and Unreal Tournament
alienblaster 1.1.0 action loaded 2D arcade shooter for up to two players
allegro A game programming library for C/C++ developers.
allegro5 A game programming library for C/C++ developers.
alliance 5.0-20110203 Alliance, CAD and libraries for VLSI design
alpine 2.23 alpine - a Program for Internet News and Email
ALPSCore 2.2.0 A package for the simulation of condensed matter physics problems: Core Libraries
ALPSMaxent 1.0 A package for the calculation of spectral functions using the Maximum Entropy method
ample 0.5.7 AMPLE is short for "An MP3 LEnder"
amtk 5.0.2 amtk is a companion library to GLib and Gtk+.
amttools 1.6 Intel AMTĀ® Serial-over-LAN client and tools
am-utils 6.1.5 The Berkeley Automounter Suite of Utilities
analitza 4.14.3 library for mathematical features
andatool 0.8 Andatool displays in realtime how often regular expressions match
angband 4.1.3 a rogue-like dungeon exploration game (curses-based)
angelscript 2.33.0 Flexible cross-platform scripting library
angle-grinder 0.15.0 Slice and dice log files on the command line.
anjuta 3.28.0 A GNOME/GTK IDE
antigraingeometry 2.5 A high quality rendering engine for C++
antinat 0.90 A powerful, configurable and flexible SOCKS server
antiword 0.37 Utility to read Microsoft Word (.doc) files
antlr 2.7.7 antlr is ANother Tool for Language Recognition
antlr4-cpp-runtime 4.8 ANTLR (ANother Tool for Language Recognition) is a powerful parser generator for reading, processing, executing, or translating structured text or binary files.
AntTweakBar 1.14 Graphics Library for graphical user interface
anubis 4.2 GNU Anubis is an outgoing mail processor.
aolserver 4.5.1 America Online's open-source web server
apache2 2.4.46 The extremely popular second version of the Apache http server
apachetop 0.18.4 top-like display of Apache logs
apbs 1.4.1 Adaptive Poisson-Boltzmann Solver
apertium 3.4.0 machine translation platform
apg 2.3.0b tool set for random password generation
apophenia 20160308 A C library for statistical and scientific computing
apparix 11-062 File system navigation on steroids
AppHack 1.1 Program for hacking application bundles.

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