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Name Version Description
alembic 1.7.12 data representation scheme for storing computer graphics scenes
alps 2.3.0 Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations
anjuta 3.28.0 A GNOME/GTK IDE
avahi 0.8 Avahi is an Implementation of the DNS Service Discovery and Multicast DNS specifications for Zeroconf Networking.
bluefish 2.2.10 A powerful editor for web designers
boost 1.71.0 Collection of portable C++ source libraries
boost169 1.69.0 Collection of portable C++ source libraries
boost-numpy 1.71.0 Boost.Numpy library
caffe 20170817 a fast framework for deep learning
certbot 1.6.0 An ACME Let's Encrypt client that can obtain certs and extensibly update server configurations.
certbot-apache 1.6.0 The certbot Apache plugin for http-01 challenges
certbot-dns-cloudflare 1.6.0 The certbot dns_cloudflare plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-cloudxns 1.6.0 The certbot dns_cloudxns plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-digitalocean 1.6.0 The certbot dns_digitalocean plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-dnsimple 1.6.0 The certbot dns_dnsimple plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy 1.6.0 The certbotdns_dnsmadeeasy plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-gehirn 1.6.0 The certbot gehirn plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-google 1.6.0 The certbot google plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-linode 1.6.0 The certbot linode plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-luadns 1.6.0 The certbot luadns plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-namecheap 0.27.0.dev0 The certbot plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-nsone 1.6.0 The certbot nsone plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-ovh 1.6.0 The certbot ovh plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-rfc2136 1.6.0 The certbot rfc2136 plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-route53 1.6.0 The certbot route53 plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-dns-sakuracloud 1.6.0 The certbot sakuracloud plugin for dns-01 challenges
certbot-nginx 1.6.0 The certbot Nginx plugin for http-01 challenges
clang-3.3 3.3 C, C++, Objective C and Objective C++ compiler
coccinelle 1.0.6 coccinelle is a semantic diff.
deluge 2.0.3 A GNOME BitTorrent client.
dia 0.97.3 A diagram program.
ecCodes 2.17.0 API and tools for decoding and encoding GRIB, BUFR and GTS formats
flann 1.9.1 Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
gdb 9.2 GDB: The GNU Project Debugger
getdp 3.3.0 a general environment for the treatment of discrete problems
gexiv2 0.10.10 gexiv2 is a GObject-based wrapper around the exiv2 library.
gimp2 2.10.18 The GNU Image Manipulation Program
gimp2-devel 2.10.19-20200223 The GNU Image Manipulation Program
glade 3.36.0 Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user interfaces for the GTK+ 3.* toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment.
glade3 3.8.6 Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user interfaces for the GTK+ 2.* toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment.
gnudatalanguage 0.9.9 a free IDL combatible incremental compiler
gnumeric 1.12.47 A powerful Gtk3 based spreadsheet with Excel, ODF, R and Python support.
gnuradio-next 20191003-5099fd9a GNU Radio is Software Defined Radio (SDR)
goocanvas2 2.0.4 A Cairo Canvas Widget for GTK+ version 3
gpsd 3.20 GPS service daemon
gpsd-devel 20190817-a4ecde71 Obsolete port, replaced by gpsd
graphviz 2.40.1 graph visualization software
graphviz-devel 2.41.20171026.1811 graph visualization software
grass 6.4.6 GRASS
grc 1.11.3 Generic Colouriser for colourising logfiles and output of commands
gupnp-igd 0.2.5 GUPnP-IGD is a library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping.
htcondor 8.8.1 specialized workload management system for compute-intensive jobs
itstool 2.0.6 ITS Tool allows you to translate your XML documents with PO files, using rules from the W3C Internationalization Tag Set.
kross-interpreters 4.14.3 WEB Development package for the K Desktop Environment.
libepoxy 1.5.4 Epoxy is a library for handling OpenGL function pointer management for you
libevt 20140731 Library and tooling to access the Windows Event Log (EVT) format
libgpod 0.8.3 libgpod is a library to access the contents of an iPod.
libiio 0.20 libiio is used to interface to the Industrial Input/Output (IIO) Subsystem
liblinear 2.30 A simple package for solving large-scale regularized linear classification.
libpeas 1.26.0 libpeas is a GObject-based plugins engine
libprelude 5.1.1 Secure Connections between all Sensors and the Prelude Manager
libpreludedb Prelude Universal SIM - database wrapper
libproxy 0.4.15 A library that provides automatic proxy configuration management.
libpwquality 1.4.0 A library for password quality checking and the generation of random passwords that pass the checks.
libsbml 5.17.0 The Systems Biology Markup Language library
libsbmlsim 1.4.0 A library for simulating SBML models
libsvm 3.20 A free Support Vector Machine implementation.
libtorrent-rasterbar 1.2.6 A C++ bittorrent library (not the same as port libtorrent)
LyX 2.3.3 WYSIWYM document processor
MacVim 8.1.snapshot161 MacVim is a GUI version of vim for macOS
magicspp 4.2.3 ECMWF's Meteorological plotting software
mailutils 3.6 General-Purpose Mail Packages
mathgl 2.4.4 MathGL is a library for making high-quality scientific graphics.
mesa 17.1.6 Mesa 3D Graphics Library
mpv 0.32.0 mpv is a movie player based on MPlayer and mplayer2.
mycli 1.20.1 A Terminal Client for MySQL with AutoCompletion and Syntax Highlighting
nghttp2 1.41.0 nghttp2 is an implementation of HTTP/2 in C.
octave-symbolic 2.9.0 Symbolic toolbox based on SymPy.
ola 0.10.7 An open framework for DMX512 lighting control
omniORB 4.2.2 high performance CORBA ORB for C++
ompl 1.5.0 The Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL)
opencolorio 1.1.1 a color management framework for visual effects and animation
opencv 3.4.10 Intel(R) Open Source Computer Vision Library
openimageio a library for reading and writing images
openvdb 7.0.0 sparse volume data structure and tools
orfeotoolbox 4.0.0 OrfeoToolbox - Free library of image processing algorithms
paraview 5.6.2 3D data analysis and visualization application
PDAL 2.1.0 PDAL - Point Cloud Manipulation Library
pdflib 7.0.5p3 PDFlib Lite (Source Code) is a subset of PDFlib
pgcli 2.2.0 Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting
plplot 5.15.0 Scientific plotting package, double precision version
plplot510 5.10.0 Scientific plotting package, double precision version
plplot510-single 5.10.0 Scientific plotting package, single precision version
plplot-single 5.15.0 Scientific plotting package, single precision version
postgresql10 10.13 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
postgresql11 11.8 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
postgresql12 12.3 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
postgresql13 13beta2 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
postgresql83 8.3.23 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere.
postgresql84 8.4.22 The most advanced open-source database available anywhere.

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