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Name Version Description
abclock 1.0d analog clock for X
advi 1.10.2 TeX DVI previewer
aewm 1.3.12 aewm is a minimalist window manager for X11.
AfterStep 2.2.11 Window Manager based on NeXTStep interface.
appres 1.0.5 Show resources seen by an X11 application
aterm 1.0.1 Color vt102 terminal emu w/transparency support
auto-multiple-choice 1.4.0 Auto Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Papers Management
auto-multiple-choice-devel 1.5.0_rc2-2-gd3d7ea24 Auto Multiple Choice - Multiple Choice Papers Management
awesome 3.5.6 awesome is a tiling window manager
bdftopcf 1.1 X11 bdftopcf
bitmap 1.0.9 Bitmap editor and converter utilities for X11
blackbox 0.76 blackbox is a fast, light window manager
blt 2.5.3 BLT is an extension to the Tk toolkit, adding new widgets, geometry managers, and miscellaneous commands.
BWidget 1.9.14 The BWidget Toolkit is a high-level Widget Set for Tcl/Tk
cmatrix 2.0 Console Matrix
codeblocks 17.12 Open Source, Cross-platform, Free C/C++/D IDE
cssed 0.4.0 small graphical CSS editor and validator
dejavu-fonts 2.37 The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Vera Fonts.
denemo 1.2.4 Denemo is a unique score editor
desklaunch 1.1.8 DeskLaunch is a small utility for creating desktop icons.
dlume 0.2.4 A gtk2-based addressbook.
dmenu 4.9 dmenu is a dynamic menu for X, originally designed for dwm. It manages large numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently.
e17 0.16.999.55225 Enlightenment windowmanager DR17
ecore 1.7.10 Ecore is a core event abstraction layer.
editres 1.0.7 Dynamic resource editor for X11 Toolkit applications
edje 1.7.10 A library for graphical layout and animation.
eet 1.7.10 EET is a library for writing sets of data.
efont-unicode 0.4.2 efont Unicode Bitmap Fonts
efreet 1.7.10 an implementation of several specifications from intended for use in Enlightenment DR17
enlightenment 1.0.7 Enlightenment is a highly configurable windowmanager.
enlightenment-docs 0.16.7 Documentation for the Enlightenment windowmanager.
epeg 0.9.0 An IMMENSELY FAST JPEG thumbnailer library API.
Eterm 0.9.6 Eterm is a color terminal emulator.
evas 1.7.10 Evas is a hardware-accelerated canvas API for X11.
evilwm 1.1.1 A minimalist window manager for the X Window System.
eyeclock 2.0 A clock with eyes following the mouse pointer
ffmpegthumbnailer 2.2.2 Lightweight video thumbnailer that can be used by file managers to create thumbnails for video files
fireworkx 2.2 pyrotechnic simulation eye-candy for X11
fluxbox 1.3.7 Lightweight window manager based on Blackbox 0.61.1
font-adobe-100dpi 1.0.3 Adobe 100 DPI font
font-adobe-75dpi 1.0.3 Adobe 75 DPI font
font-adobe-utopia-100dpi 1.0.4 Adobe Utopia 100 DPI font
font-adobe-utopia-75dpi 1.0.4 Adobe Utopia 75 DPI font
font-adobe-utopia-type1 1.0.4 Adobe Type1 Utopia fonts
font-alias 1.0.4 default fonts.alias files
font-arabic-misc 1.0.3 Arabic font
font-bh-100dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes 100 DPI font
font-bh-75dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes 75 DPI font
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes Lucida Typewriter 100 DPI font
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes Lucida Typewriter 75 DPI font
font-bh-ttf 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes TrueType fonts
font-bh-type1 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes Type1 fonts
font-bitstream-100dpi 1.0.3 Bitstream 100 DPI font
font-bitstream-75dpi 1.0.3 Bitstream 75 DPI font
font-bitstream-speedo 1.0.2 Bitstream Speedo fonts
font-bitstream-type1 1.0.3 Bitstream Type1 fonts
font-cronyx-cyrillic 1.0.3 Cronyx Cyrillic font
font-cursor-misc 1.0.3 Cursor font
font-daewoo-misc 1.0.3 Daewoo miscellaneous fonts
font-dec-misc 1.0.3 DEC/Compaq/HP miscellaneous fonts
font-ibm-type1 1.0.3 IBM Type1 fonts
font-isas-misc 1.0.3 ISAS miscellaneous fonts
font-jis-misc 1.0.3 JIS miscellaneous fonts
font-micro-misc 1.0.3 Micro miscellaneous font
font-misc-cyrillic 1.0.3 Miscellaneous Cyrillic font
font-misc-ethiopic 1.0.4 Ethiopic TrueType fonts
font-misc-meltho 1.0.3 Meltho TrueType fonts
font-misc-misc 1.1.2 various miscellaneous fonts
font-mutt-misc 1.0.3 Mutt miscellaneous fonts
font-schumacher-misc 1.1.2 Schumacher miscellaneous fonts
font-screen-cyrillic 1.0.4 Cronyx screen Cyrillic font
font-sony-misc 1.0.3 Sony miscellaneous fonts
font-sun-misc 1.0.3 Sun miscellaneous fonts
fonttosfnt 1.0.5 Wrap a bitmap font in a sfnt (TrueType) wrapper
font-winitzki-cyrillic 1.0.3 Winitzki Cyrillic font
font-xfree86-type1 1.0.4 XFree86 Type1 font
fox 1.6.54 The FOX GUI toolkit
freefont-ttf 20120503 Free UCS Outline Fonts
freeglut 3.2.1 The Free OpenGL Utility Toolkit
fslsfonts 1.0.5 List fonts served by X11 font server
fstobdf 1.0.6 Convert font from X11 server to BDF
fvwm2 2.6.9 Version 2.x of FVWM, an X11 window manager.
fxscintilla 1.78.0 FOX wrapper for the Scintilla source code library
g3data 1.5.3 g3data is a program to extract data from published graphs, when the raw data is not available.
gajim 0.16.8 A full featured and easy to use Jabber client.
gccmakedep 1.0.3 Create dependencies in makefiles using 'gcc -M'
gcin 1.2.1 a Chinese input method server.
geeqie 1.4 Geeqie Image Viewer
geomview 1.9.5 interactive 3D viewing program
gkrellm-gtodo 0.2.5a GKrellM2 plugin that tracks tasks and to-do items
glibmm 2.58.1 C++ interface to glib
glitz 0.5.6 Glitz is an OpenGL image compositing library.
gliv 1.9.6 GLiv is an OpenGL image viewer.
glui 2.37 A GLUT-based C++ user interface library.
glw 20120116 Mesa OpenGL widget library
glxgears 8.4.0 Show information about GLX capabilities
glxinfo 8.4.0 Show information about GLX capabilities
gnucash 4.4 a personal and small-business financial-accounting software
gnucash-devel 4.4 a personal and small-business financial-accounting software
gnucash-docs 4.4 docs for gnucash

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