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abyss 0.3 Light HTTP/1.1 compliant web server.
adblock2privoxy 2.0.1 Convert adblock config files to privoxy format
ajp-wsgi 1.1 WSGI server/gateway implementing AJP
amber 0.9.0 Crystal web application framework
analog 6.0.16 A program which analyses logfiles from WWW servers
aolserver 4.5.1 America Online's open-source web server
apache2 2.4.41 The extremely popular second version of the Apache http server
apache22 2.2.34 Obsolete port, replaced by apache2
apachetop 0.18.4 top-like display of Apache logs
arora 0.11.0 cross-platform QtWebKit web browser
authforce 0.9.9 A HTTP authentication brute forcer.
autobench 2.1.2 automatic webserver benchmark tool
awstats 7.7 Free real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced web statistics
axel 2.17.6 A light Unix download accelerator
bbdb 2.35 The Insidious Big Brother Database
bibtex2html 1.99 Bibtex to HTML translator
blazeblogger 1.2.0 BlazeBlogger is a simple to use but capable CMS for the command line.
bluefish 2.2.10 A powerful editor for web designers
bugzilla 4.4.5 popular and extensive bug-tracking system
buku 4.2.2 A command-line bookmark manager
cadaver 0.23.3 Commandline client for DAV
caddy 0.11.4 Caddy HTTP/2 web server
cgilib 0.7 CGI Library
cgit 1.2.1 A fast web interface for the git source code management system
cheetah 1.8 very minimal web server
cherokee 1.2.101 Cherokee web server
chromedriver 76.0.3809.68 ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome
clearsilver 0.10.5 Language-neutral template system.
cloudwiki 1.1 stand-alone wiki engine written in python
cpprestsdk 2.10.11 C++ REST library for client-server communication
cssed 0.4.0 small graphical CSS editor and validator
curl 7.65.3 Tool for transferring files with URL syntax
cvsgrab 2.3 CVSGrab reads a repository via its web interface (ViewCVS or CvsWeb)
cvsweb 3.0.6 WWW interface for CVS repositories
dbslayer beta-12 The DBacesslayer aka DBSlayer is a lightweight database abstraction layer suitable for high-load websites where you need the scalable advantages of connection pooling.
djview 4.10.6 DjVu files viewer.
djview-qt5 4.10.6 DjVu files viewer.
djvulibre 3.5.27 Web centric format and software platform for distributing documents and images.
doctl 1.20.1 A command line interface for the DigitalOcean API
dokuwiki 2018-04-22b simple to use wiki aimed at documentation projects
drupal7 7.67 Drupal Open Source enterprise content management platform
drupal8 8.7.1 Drupal Open Source enterprise content management platform
drush 8.1.14 The DRUpal SHell
duckytool 0.9.6 ducky is ... well, the web's command line.
edbrowse 3.4.10 A combination editor, browser, and mail client that is 100% text based.
elinks 0.11.7 text mode web browser
elinks-devel 0.12pre6 Full-Featured Text WWW Browser
emacs-w3m 1.4.4 Use the w3m web browser inside emacs.
emacs-w3m-devel 20120808 Use the w3m web browser inside emacs.
eot-utils 1.1 W3C Embeddable OpenType font (eot) creation tools
eperl 2.2.14 Embedded Perl Language
epiphany A GNOME Web browser.
fcgi 2.4.0 The FastCGI development kit in C
fcgiwrap 1.1.0 simple server for running CGI applications over FastCGI. It hopes to provide clean CGI support to Nginx
FileZilla 3.42.1 Open-source FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client
flood 20041105 profile-driven HTTP load tester
furl 2.1 display the HTTP headers returned by web-servers
geckodriver 0.21.0 Gecko (Firefox) driver for Selenium.
goaccess 1.3 GoAccess was designed to be a fast, terminal-based log analyzer.
googlecl 0.9.14 Command line tools for the Google Data APIs
gumbo-parser 0.10.1 A pure C HTML5 parser
gwee 1.36 tool to exploit command execution vulnerabilities in web scripts
h2o 2.2.5 the optimized HTTP/2 server
haserl 0.8.0 tiny CGI wrapper
heapCL 1.08.27 Command line tools for Heap CRM
hevea 2.32 HEVEA is a quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator.
html 4.01 All W3C published SGML DTDs for HTML
httperf 0.9.0 tool for measuring webserver performance
http-fetcher 1.1.0 small, robust, flexible library for HTTP downloads
httping 2.5 Ping-like tool for http-requests
http-parser 2.8.1 http request/response parser for C.
http_ping 29jun2005 Sends HTTP requests every few seconds and times how long they take
http-replicator 3.0 replicating HTTP proxy server
hugo 0.58.2 A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang
ikiwiki 3.20190228 A wiki compiler.
jetty 5.1.10 Java HTTP Servlet Server
junkbuster 2.0.2p1.1 Internet Junkbuster Proxy with zlib compression support
libgtkhtml 2.11.1 Lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine
libhtmlparse 0.2.0 lightweight HTML parsing library
libhttpd 1.3 provides basic web server capabilities
libhttpseverywhere 0.8.3 This library enables you to leverage the power of HTTPSEverywhere to any desktop-application.
libmicrohttpd 0.9.66 Light HTTP/1.1 server library.
libpdel 0.6.1 Packet Design multi-purpose C library for embedded applications.
libquvi 0.9.4 A command line tool for parsing video download links.
libquvi-scripts 0.9.20131130 A command line tool for parsing video download links.
libsass 3.5.2 A C/C++ implementation of a Sass compiler
libwww 5.4.2 The W3C WWW Reference Library
lighttpd 1.4.54 A secure, fast, compliant and flexible web-server
lighttpd-devel 1.5.0-r1691 Obsolete port, replaced by lighttpd
linkchecker 9.4.0 linkchecker for html pages
links 2.20 Lynx-like WWW browser that supports tables, menus, etc
links1 1.03 text WWW browser with tables
litmus 0.13 WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite.
loggerhead 1.18.1 Web viewer for projects in Bazaar
logstalgia 1.1.2 a website access log visualisation tool
lua-xavante 2.2.1 A Lua Web Server with WSAPI support
lws 0.6.1 The Lil' Web Server
lynx 2.8.9rel.1 The text web browser
mathopd 1.5p4 small, yet very fast HTTP server
mediawiki 1.23.2 The wiki engine used by Wikipedia

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