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3proxy 0.8.12 tiny free proxy server
6tunnel 0.13 Tunnelling for IPv4-only application
adns 1.5.1 asynchronous DNS client library
aget 0.4.1 multithreaded HTTP download accelerator
aiccu 20070115 Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Configuration Utility
airctl 0.7.3 tool to trigger connection, get status of Airport Base Stations
ali 0.5.4 Generate HTTP load and plot the results in real-time
angst 0.4b an active sniffer
annie 0.10.3 fast, simple and clean video downloader
antinat 0.90 A powerful, configurable and flexible SOCKS server
apan 0.3.0-sql apan plugin for nagios
ap-utils 1.3.3 Utilities for AMTEL, NWN, ME102 wireless access points
aqbanking5 5.8.2 a generic online banking interface
aqbanking5-gtk 5.8.2 a generic online banking interface
aqbanking5-gtk3 5.8.2 a generic online banking interface
aqbanking6 6.2.9 a generic online banking interface
aqbanking6-gtk2 6.2.9 a generic online banking interface
aqbanking6-gtk3 6.2.9 a generic online banking interface
argus the network Audit Record Generation and Utilization System
argus-clients 3.0.8 Network Audit Record Generation and Utilization System
argus-monitor 3.7 The All Seeing System and Network Monitoring Software
aria2 1.35.0 download utility with resuming and segmented downloading
arla 0.35.11 free AFS implementation from KTH
arpd 0.2 user space ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) daemon
arping 2.21 utility to find out if an IP address is already taken on a LAN
arp-scan 1.9.7 ARP scanning and fingerprinting tool
ArpSpyX 1.3 ArpSpyX displays ARP packets received by your computer
arpwatch 2.1a15 Monitor ARP & RARP requests
ASFRecorder 1.1 WindowsMedia Streaming client
asused 3.72 Command-line tool to run a check on the usage of the RIPE Whois DB
autossh 1.4g tool to restart terminated ssh sessions
avahi 0.8 Avahi is an Implementation of the DNS Service Discovery and Multicast DNS specifications for Zeroconf Networking.
awsets 0.4.1 A utility for crawling an AWS account and exporting all its resources for further analysis.
axel 2.17.10 A light Unix download accelerator
balance 3.52 simple but powerful generic TCP proxy
bandwhich 0.20.0 Terminal bandwidth utilization tool (formerly known as "what")
baresip 0.6.0 portable and modular SIP User-Agent with audio and video support
barrier 2.3.3 share a keyboard and mouse over the network
bind9 9.16.12 Domain Name System server
bing 1.0.5 Bandwidth measurement tool
binkd 0.9.4 binkd FidoNET mailer
bitlbee 3.5.1 An IRC to other chat networks gateway
bittornado 0.3.18 bittorrent client and python module with enhancements
bittwist 1.1 Simple yet powerful libpcap-based Ethernet packet generator.
blackbag 0.9.1 A miscelleny of network testing tools.
bmon 4.0 An interface bandwidth monitor
bnbt 8.1r3 C++ BitTorrent tracker
bnetd 0.4.25 daemon that emulates Blizzards service
boxbackup 0.11.1 completely automatic on-line backup system.
btpd 0.16 Utility for sharing files over the BitTorrent network protocol
BwanaDik 3.3 IP address (WAN and LAN) reporter.
bwm-ng 0.6.1 A small and simple bandwidth monitor
bwping 2.2 Tool to measure bandwidth and RTT between two hosts using ICMP
cacti 1.1.27 Cacti is a complete RRDtool network graphing solution.
calendar-contacts-server 9.3.20190916 Apple Calendar and Contacts Server configuration
canto 0.6.13 flexible ncurses Atom/RSS newsreader for the console
c-ares 1.17.1 C library for asynchronous DNS requests (including name resolves)
ccxstream 1.0.15 Stream media files to XBox Media Center via XBMSP
cdpd Sends Cisco Discovery Protocol announcements
cdpr 2.4 Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
cdsclient 3.75 tools for querying various online astronomical databases
centerim 4.22.10 Console multi-IM client.
cftp 0.12 full-screen ftp client
chaosreader 0.94 freeware tool to trace TCP/UDP/... sessions and fetch application data from snoop or tcpdump logs
checkdns 0.5 A domain name server analysis and reporting tool
chrony 4.0 A versatile implementation of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
cidr 2.3.2 RFC 1878 subnet helper
cjdns 21.1 Cjdns implements an encrypted IPv6 network.
clive 0.4.10 A console line client for livejournal.
cloudflared 2021.2.1 Argo Tunnel client
cloudman 0.1.5 Textual user interface to manage ec2 instances.
clusterit 2.5 Tools for running tasks on many machines
cmdftp 0.9.8 command line shell-like ftp client
cntlm 0.92.3 Cntlm is an NTLM / NTLM Session Response / NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy
coherence 0.7.dev0-20180629 Coherence, a Python UPnP and DLNA media framework
collectd 5.8.0 flexible daemon periodically collecting system statistics data
consul 1.9.4 Consul is a distributed service mesh to connect, secure, and configure services across any runtime platform and public or private cloud.
corkscrew 2.0 Tunnel SSH through HTTP proxies.
cppzmq 4.7.1 High-level C++ Binding for 0MQ
cppzmq-devel 20200109-bd27f249 Obsolete port, replaced by cppzmq
croc 8.6.7 Easily and securely send things from one computer to another
cryfs 0.10.2 Cryptographic filesystem for the cloud
cryptcat 1.2.1 lightweight netcat with integrated transport encryption
csshX 0.74 Cluster ssh tool for
csup 20060318 Csup is a rewrite of CVSup in C.
ctorrent 3.3.2 command line BitTorrent client
curl 7.74.0 Tool for transferring files with URL syntax
curl-ca-bundle 7.74.0 CA certificate bundle for curl
cvs 1.11.23 Concurrent Versions System
cvsup 16.1h General network file distribution system optimized for CVS
cvsync 0.24.18 cvsync is a portable CVS repository synchronization utility
cyrus-sasl2 2.1.27 SASL is an authentication library.
czmq 4.2.1 High-level C Binding for 0MQ
daapd 0.2.4b A DAAP server emulating an iTunes server.
daaplib 0.1.1a small library for reading and writing DAAP streams
daemonlogger 1.2.1 Packet Logger & Soft Tap
dansguardian web content filter
dante 1.4.2 A circuit-level firewall/proxy
daq 2.0.7 A Data Acquisition library, for packet I/O
darkstat 3.0.719 network traffic analyzer

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