Total 15 Port(s) in Category: macports
Name Version Description
cpan2port 0.1.1_20190228 A perl script to generate MacPorts portfiles
ghsum 0.1.1 Helper to checksum GitHub tags
go2port 20200927 A tool for creating MacPorts portfiles for Go projects
MacPorts 2.6.3 The MacPorts Infrastructure
MacPorts_Framework 1.2.1 Cocoa framework for MacPorts.
macports-notifier A menubar notifier for MacPorts.
macportsscripts 0.4.1 Various scripts to work with MacPorts
mpstats 0.1.8 submit statistics about your macports installation
mpstats-gsoc 0.1.8 Obsolete port, replaced by mpstats
mpvim 109868 mpvim adds MacPorts support to vim.
Pallet 1.1 Aqua application to control a MacPorts installation.
pearl 0.2.0 Helper for maintaining Macports Portfiles
port_cutleaves 0.1.4 Uninstall leaves.
port-depgraph 0.2 Create a Graphviz graph description of a port's rdeps list
pypi2port 20180714 A python script to generate MacPorts Portfiles

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2020-09-28 20:52 (UTC)

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