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akonadi A personal information management storage service.
amarok 2.6.0 Amarok, the world-renowned media player.
analitza 4.14.3 library for mathematical features
ark 4.14.3 Handle file archives
attica 0.4.2 Qt library for Open Collaboration Services API 1.4
automoc 0.9.88 A tool which automatically creates .moc files and compiles them in.
baloo 4.14.3 Baloo is a metadata and search framework for KDE.
baloo-widgets 4.14.3 Baloo is a metadata and search framework for KDE.
blinken 4.14.3 Memory Enhancement Game
bomber 4.14.3 Bomber is a single player arcade game. The player is invading various cities in a plane that is decreasing in height.
bovo 4.14.3 Bovo is a Gomoku (from Japanese, lit. five points).
cantor 4.14.3 Frontend to Mathematical Software
cervisia 4.14.3 Cervisia is a user friendly version control system front-end.
choqok 1.4 A Free/Open Source micro-blogging client for KDE.
dbusmenu-qt 0.9.2 expose menus on DBus
dbusmenu-qt5 expose menus on DBus ; Qt5 version
digikam 4.9.0 Photo Management Programme
dolphin-plugins 4.14.3 Dolphin plugin for revision control softwares
dragon 4.14.3 Dragon Player is a multimedia player.
ffmpegthumbs 4.14.3 Ffmpeg-based thumbnail creator for video files.
granatier 4.14.3 Granatier is a clone of the classic Bomberman game, inspired by the work of the Clanbomber clone.
grantlee 0.5.1 string template engine based on the Django template system
gwenview 4.14.3 Gwenview is an image viewer for KDE.
juk 4.14.3 JuK is an audio jukebox application
kactivities 4.13.3 Kactivities
kalgebra 4.14.3 2D and 3D Graph Calculator
kalzium 4.14.3 Periodic Table of Elements
kamera 4.14.3 Camera support for KDE.
kanagram 4.14.3 Letter Order Game
kapman 4.14.3 Kapman is a clone of the well known game Pac-Man.
kapptemplate 4.14.3 KDE application templates
kate 4.14.3 Kate provides advanced editor components.
katomic 4.14.3 Katomic is both fun and educational game built around molecular geometry.
kblackbox 4.14.3 KBlackbox is a game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes where the computer has hidden several balls.
kblocks 4.14.3 KBlocks is the classic falling blocks game.
kbounce 4.14.3 KBounce is a single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle.
kbreakout 4.14.3 The object of the game is to destroy as many bricks as possible without losing the ball.
kbruch 4.14.3 Practice Fractions
kcachegrind4 4.14.3 KDE profiling application
kcalc 4.14.3 Do scientific calculations.
kcharselect 4.14.3 Select special characters from any font.
kcm-baloo-advanced 20141008 Library for extracting file metadata
kcolorchooser 4.14.3 Application to select a color from the screen.
kcron 4.14.3 KDE task scheduler
kde 4.14.3 KDE Desktop bundle
kde4-baseapps 4.14.3 KDE4 applications and libraries from the base package
kde4-filelight 4.14.3 Understand usage of disk space.
kde4-kile 2.1.3 KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment
kde4-runtime Shared data needed by KDE4 programs
kde4-workspace KDE Workspace
kdeadmin 4.14.3 KDE4 admin tools - Meta package
kdeartwork 4.14.3 This package contains additional themes, screensaver, sounds, wallpapers, widget styles and window styles for KDE.
kdebindings4 4.14.3 Scripting bindings packages for KDE - Meta package
kde-dev-scripts 4.14.3 KDE Developer convenience scripts
kde-dev-utils 4.14.3 KDE developer utilities
kdeedu4 4.14.3 Education based applications for the KDE4 platform
kdegames4 4.14.3 A variety of games made with the KDE4 development platform
kdegraphics4 4.14.3 KDE4 graphics applications - Meta package
kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer 4.14.3 Component of kdegraphics
kdegraphics-thumbnailers 4.14.3 Component of kdegraphics.
kde-l10n-ar 4.14.3 KDE arabic language files.
kde-l10n-bg 4.14.3 KDE bulgarian language files.
kde-l10n-bs 4.14.3 KDE bosnian language files.
kde-l10n-ca 4.14.3 KDE catalan language files.
kde-l10n-ca-valencia 4.14.3 KDE Valencian language files.
kde-l10n-cs 4.14.3 KDE czech language files.
kde-l10n-da 4.14.3 KDE danish language files.
kde-l10n-de 4.14.3 KDE german language files.
kde-l10n-el 4.14.3 KDE greek language files.
kde-l10n-en_GB 4.14.3 KDE uk-english language files.
kde-l10n-es 4.14.3 KDE spanish language files.
kde-l10n-et 4.14.3 KDE estonian language files.
kde-l10n-eu 4.14.3 KDE basque language files.
kde-l10n-fa 4.11.5 KDE persian language files.
kde-l10n-fi 4.14.3 KDE finnish language files.
kde-l10n-fr 4.14.3 KDE french language files.
kde-l10n-ga 4.14.3 KDE irish-gaelic language files.
kde-l10n-gl 4.14.3 KDE galician language files.
kde-l10n-he 4.14.3 KDE hebrew language files.
kde-l10n-hi 4.14.3 KDE hindi language files.
kde-l10n-hr 4.14.3 KDE croatian language files.
kde-l10n-hu 4.14.3 KDE hungarian language files.
kde-l10n-ia 4.14.3 KDE Interlingua language files.
kde-l10n-id 4.8.5 KDE Indonesian language files.
kde-l10n-is 4.14.3 KDE icelandic language files.
kde-l10n-it 4.14.3 KDE italian language files.
kde-l10n-ja 4.14.3 KDE japanese language files.
kde-l10n-kk 4.14.3 KDE kazakh language files.
kde-l10n-km 4.14.3 KDE khmer language files.
kde-l10n-ko 4.14.3 KDE korean language files.
kde-l10n-lt 4.14.3 KDE lithuanian language files.
kde-l10n-lv 4.14.3 KDE latvian language files.
kde-l10n-mr 4.10.5 KDE marathi language files.
kde-l10n-nb 4.14.3 KDE Norwegian Bokmål language files.
kde-l10n-nds 4.14.3 KDE Low Saxon language files.
kde-l10n-nl 4.14.3 KDE Dutch language files.
kde-l10n-nn 4.14.3 KDE Norwegian Nynorsk language files.
kde-l10n-pa 4.14.3 KDE Punjabi language files.
kde-l10n-pl 4.14.3 KDE Polish language files.
kde-l10n-pt 4.14.3 KDE Portuguese language files.

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