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Name Version Description
aalib 1.4rc5 Portable ascii art GFX library
aces_container 1.0.2 Reference implementation of SMPTE S2065-4
advi 1.10.2 TeX DVI previewer
agave 0.4.7 Generate a variety of colorschemes from a single starting color.
ale 0.8.7 antilamenessing engine
alembic 1.7.12 data representation scheme for storing computer graphics scenes
antigraingeometry 2.5 A high quality rendering engine for C++
AntTweakBar 1.14 Graphics Library for graphical user interface
argyll 2.1.2 Argyll Color Management System
Aseprite 1.2.25 animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
assimp 5.0.1 library to import/export 3D model formats
assimp2 2.0.863 library to import 3D model formats
assimp_tools 5.0.1 library to import/export 3D model formats
asymptote 2.68 A vector graphics language
autopano-sift-c 2.5.1 Detects control points in photos using SIFT algorithm
autotrace 0.31.1 Convert bitmap to vector graphics
babl 0.1.82 Babl is a library for dynamically handling pixel formats and managing conversions between them.
babl-devel 0.1.83-20201004 Babl is a library for dynamically handling pixel formats and managing conversions between them. This is the development version based on a recent snapshot of upstream git master.
batik 1.7 Java SVG Toolkit
birdfont 2.29.1 Font editor
bitmap 1.0.9 Bitmap editor and converter utilities for X11
bitstream-vera 1.10 Bitstream Vera Fonts for use with Freetype/Fontconfig
blccc 1.999 Blinkenlights Chaos Control Center
blender 2.83.5 3-D computer graphics creation suite
blib 1.1.7 Library of useful things to hack the Blinkenlights
blinkensim 2.7 Blinkenlights simulator and blinkenproxy interface
blinkenthemes 0.10 Blinkenlights simulator themes
blinkentools 2.9 Blinkenlights command line tools
cairo 1.16.0 a vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairo-devel 1.17.4 a vector graphics library with cross-device output support
cairomm 1.12.2 Cairo is a vector graphics library with cross-device output support.
cal3d 0.11.0 skeletal based 3d character animation library
camlimages 5.0.1 Objective Caml interface to image manipulation functions.
Cenon 4.0.6 Modular Graphics Application
cg-toolkit 3.1.2012.04 NVIDIA's Cg high-level shading language
chafa 1.6.0 Terminal graphics for the 21st century
charls 2.1.0 CharLS is an implementation of JPEG-LS
clutter 1.26.4 A generic high-level canvas library.
clutter-gst 2.0.18 Clutter GStreamer integration library.
clutter-gst3 3.0.27 Clutter GStreamer integration library.
clutter-gtk 1.8.4 Clutter GTK integration library.
cogl 1.22.8 A hardware accelerated 3D graphics API
Coin 3.1.3 cross platform C++ OpenGL scene graph library
Coin-framework 3.1.3 cross platform C++ OpenGL scene graph library
comix 4.0.4 Comix is a user-friendly, customizable image viewer.
compface 1.5.2 Utility to convert to and from the X-Face format
ctlang 1.5.2 Programming language for digital color management
cuneiform 1.1.0 Cuneiform is an OCR system with layout analysis.
darktable 3.2.1 Virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
dcmtk 3.6.6 The DICOM Toolkit.
dcmtk-static 3.6.6 The DICOM Toolkit.
dcraw 9.28.0 Digital camera raw photo decoding software supporting hundreds of cameras
dia 0.97.3 A diagram program.
diff-pdf 0.4.1 diff-pdf is a tool for visually comparing two PDFs.
DiffPDF 2.1.3 Compare two PDF files textually or visually
djview 4.12 DjVu files viewer.
djview-qt5 4.12 DjVu files viewer.
djvu2pdf 0.9.2 converts Djvu files to PDF files
djvulibre 3.5.28 Web centric format and software platform for distributing documents and images.
dmtx-utils 0.7.6 Data Matrix command line utilities
ds9 8.1 SAOImage DS9 astronomical imaging and visualization application
dvi2bitmap 1.0 Utility to convert TeX DVI files directly to bitmaps
dvisvgm 2.11.1 DVI to SVG converter
editres 1.0.7 Dynamic resource editor for X11 Toolkit applications
edje 1.7.10 A library for graphical layout and animation.
electric 9.07 CAD system for VLSI circuit design
embree 3.10.0 collection of high-performance ray tracing kernels
enblend 4.2 a tool to composite images
epeg 0.9.0 An IMMENSELY FAST JPEG thumbnailer library API.
erd Entity-relationship diagram generator
esdl 1.2 Erlang OpenGL/SDL API and Utilities
ETL 1.4.0 multi-platform class and template library
exact-image 1.0.2 a fast, modern and generic image processing library
exempi 2.5.2 Exempi is an implementation of XMP.
exif 0.6.21 Command line tool to read, write, modify and display EXIF data
exiftags 1.01 Utility spits out Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file
exiftran 2.14 A tool for transformations on JPEG from fbida
exiv2 0.27.3 EXIF and IPTC metadata manipulation library and tools
eye 1.4.1 software for training SExtractor's retina
feh 3.2.1 Fast lightweight image viewer
FFView 0.9.10 fast OpenGL-powered picture viewer
field3d 1.7.2 Library for storing voxel data.
fig2dev 3.2.8 Translates Fig code to various graphics languages
fig2ps 1.5 converts xfig files to PostScript or PDF, processing text with LaTeX
flam3 3.0.1 Cosmic Recursive Fractal Flames
flasm 1.64 Flash command-line assembler and disassembler
fntsample 4.1 Font samples generator
font-adobe-100dpi 1.0.3 Adobe 100 DPI font
font-adobe-75dpi 1.0.3 Adobe 75 DPI font
font-adobe-utopia-100dpi 1.0.4 Adobe Utopia 100 DPI font
font-adobe-utopia-75dpi 1.0.4 Adobe Utopia 75 DPI font
font-adobe-utopia-type1 1.0.4 Adobe Type1 Utopia fonts
font-alias 1.0.4 default fonts.alias files
font-arabic-misc 1.0.3 Arabic font
font-bh-100dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes 100 DPI font
font-bh-75dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes 75 DPI font
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes Lucida Typewriter 100 DPI font
font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes Lucida Typewriter 75 DPI font
font-bh-ttf 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes TrueType fonts
font-bh-type1 1.0.3 Bigelow & Holmes Type1 fonts

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