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abiword 2.4.5 A word processor with gnome support.
ackmate 1.1.2 AckMate is a TextMate plugin for running Ack in a Cocoa window.
Aerial 2.2.6 Apple TV Aerial Screensaver for Mac
alacritty 0.7.2 A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
android-file-transfer-linux 3.9 Reliable MTP client with minimalistic UI
AppHack 1.1 Program for hacking application bundles.
AppKiDo 0.997 AppKiDo is an API documentation browser for Cocoa programmers
AquaLess 1.6 Cocoa pager similar to less
aquaterm 1.1.1 AquaTerm is a viewer that displays vector graphics on Mac OS X
arora 0.11.0 cross-platform QtWebKit web browser
ArpSpyX 1.3 ArpSpyX displays ARP packets received by your computer
AssignmentTrackerX 2.0beta3.1 School assignment tracker
barrier 2.3.3 share a keyboard and mouse over the network
bean 2.4.5 A small, simple rich text editor.
BGHUDAppKit 0.7 Aqua HUD window framework
BiggerSQL 1.3.9 SQL front-end to the postgresql DBMS
BigSQL 1.0 postgresql psql-like client in cocoa
binclocken 1.6 useless floating binary LED clock for your desktop
BwanaDik 3.3 IP address (WAN and LAN) reporter.
BWToolkit 1.2.5 UI elements for Interface Builder
Cenon 4.0.6 Modular Graphics Application
cfxr 0.2.1 A generator for simple sound effects.
Chmox 0.4 Read CHM documents on your Mac
CocoaDialog 2.3.7 common GUI controls for command-line application
codeblocks 17.12 Open Source, Cross-platform, Free C/C++/D IDE
cool-retro-term 1.1.1 A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display
CosmicDebris 2.1 Aurora Borealis monitor.
cotvnc 2.2b2 Chicken is a VNC client for Mac OS X
cotvnc-devel 2016-01-27 Chicken is a VNC client for Mac OS X
CronniX 3.0.2 graphical frontend for scheduling cronjobs
DateLine 0.61 displays linear calendar on desktop
DesktopManager 0.5.3 Virtual Desktops for Mac OS X
djview 4.12 DjVu files viewer.
djview-qt5 4.12 DjVu files viewer.
dnsupdate 2.8 a Mac OS X client for dynamic DNS services
doxygen-launcher 1.8.18 application bundle
DPCIManager 2.0 Simple app for viewing PCI hardware info
emacs-app 27.1 The GNU Emacs text editor
emacs-app-devel 20210105 The GNU Emacs text editor
emacs-mac-app 8.1 Emacs Mac port
emacs-mac-app-devel 20201223 Emacs Mac port
fbg 0.9 Puzzle game similar to Tetris but with improved graphics.
FFView 0.9.10 fast OpenGL-powered picture viewer
FileZilla 3.51.0 Open-source FTP, FTPS, and SFTP client
fltk 1.3.5 Fast Light Tool Kit
fltk-devel 20210221-dd75da63 Fast Light Tool Kit
Freecell 2.1 classic solitaire game
FScript 2.1 Open-source interactive Cocoa scripting environment
fugu 1.2.0 A Mac OS X SFTP, SCP and SSH Frontend.
GetPoints 1.0 A MacOS Cocoa Program to put a coordinate system over a picture and read of coordinates of specified points.
gimp2-launcher 2.10.22 application bundle
gimp-app 2.8.2 application bundle
gle-graphics 4.2.5 Graphics Layout Engine
GNUMail-Aqua 1.2.0pre3 Fully featured mail application using GNUStep or Cocoa.
gnustep-make-cocoa 1.13.0 GNUstep makefile package for the Cocoa API
Gomoku 1.2.6 extended TicTacToe game
GPGAppKit A1 A framework that provides GPG-type panels
GrandPerspective 2.5.4 Graphically show disk usage
graphviz-gui 2.40.1 macOS Aqua GUI for viewing and exporting Graphviz graphs
graphviz-gui-devel 2.41.20171026.1811 macOS Aqua GUI for viewing and exporting Graphviz graphs
Gridlock 1.10 Grid-based board games collection, including AI and network play
gtk-osx-tiger 0.1 Imitation of Aqua theme from Mac OS X Tiger.
gtk-quartz-engine 0.2 Quartz theme engine for Gtk+
HandBrake 0.10.0 The open source video transcoder
HandBrake71 0.7.1 DVD to MPEG4 converter
HermesApp 1.3.1 compact macOS Pandora client that doesn't use Flash
HexFiend 2.14.1b HexFiend is a fast and clever hex editor
HideSysFiles 1.0 Small MacOS X App to show or hide system files
hyper 3.0.2 A terminal built on web technologies
IcyJuice 1.0.2 Cocoa ICQ client
ID3 1.00 Framework for reading and writing ID3Tags
ihook 1.2.0 A graphical interface frontend for commandline executables
inkscape-app 0.92 application bundle
iTerm2 3.4.4 Enhanced terminal emulator program, successor to iTerm
iTunesMatchHelper 0.1a Fixes missing metadata for songs that iTunes has matched
jumpcut 0.63 Jumpcut: Minimalist Clipboard Buffering for OS X
KeePassX 2.0.3 KeePassX is a password manager compatiable with KeePass
KeePassXC 2.6.4 KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.
keka 7-Zip GUI for Mac
kitty 0.18.2 A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator
KoLmafia 14.8 Java client for Kingdom of Loathing online game
LanguageTool 5.2 Proofreading tool for numerous languages
LaTeXiT 2.5.0 Drag-and-drop LaTeX support for Mac applications
launch 1.2.5 command-line launcher for macOS in the spirit of open
libreoffice Free, open source office suite.
LimeChat 2.47 IRC Client for Mac
Lingon 2.1.1 Graphical interface for creating launchd configurations
luminance-hdr 2.6.0 GUI for HDR imaging workflow
LyX WYSIWYM document processor
LyX1 1.6.10 WYSIWYM document processor
MacBiff 1.1.16 IMAP email checker
macclipboard-gimp 0.7 Gimp <-> Mac clipboard
macfile-gimp 0.1 "Show in Finder" Gimp plugin
MaciASL 1.5.9 A native AML compiler and IDE for macOS
macports-notifier A menubar notifier for MacPorts.
macsword 1.4.3 Aqua application based on the Sword project for Bible reading
MailtoMutt 0.4.1 MailtoMutt is a very simple application which handles mailto URLs, and hands them off to the Mutt MUA.
ManOpen 2.6 GUI application for viewing Unix manual pages,
McBopomofo 0.9.11 小麥注音輸入法
MenuMeters 2.1.4 Set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools

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