v 1.0.1

userland slab allocator

Libumem is a library used to detect memory management bugs in applications. It is based on the Slab allocator concept. Functions in this library provide fast, scalable object-caching memory allocation with multithreaded application support. In addition to the standard malloc(3C) family of functions and the more flexible umem_alloc(3MALLOC) family, libumem provides powerful object-caching services as described in umem_cache_create(3MALLOC). This slab allocator is designed for systems with many threads and many CPUs. Memory allocation with naive allocators can be a serious bottleneck. There are other highly scalable allocators out there, but libumem is about the same or better in terms of performance, and has compelling debugging features.

To install umem, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install umem

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