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A command-line application to restore firmware files to iOS devices.

The idevicerestore application is a full reimplementation of all granular steps which are performed during the restore of a firmware to a device. In general, upgrades and downgrades are possible, however subject to availability of SHSH blobs from Apple for signing the firmare files. Some key features are: * Restore: Update firmware on iOS devices * Firmware: Use official IPSW firmware archive file or a directory as source * Update: Allows updating the device by default or erasing all data * Download: On demand download of latest available firmware for a device * Cache: Downloaded firmware files are cached locally * Custom Firmware: Restore custom firmware files (requires bootrom exploit) * Baseband: Allows you to skip NOR/Baseband upgrade * SHSH: Fetch TSS records and save them as .shsh files * DFU: Put devices in pwned DFU mode (limera1n devices only) * AP Ticket: Use custom AP ticket from a file * Cross-Platform: Tested on Linux, macOS, Windows and Android platforms * History: Developed since 2010

Version: 20200709 License: LGPL-3 GitHub
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