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Gramps is a genealogy program

Gramps is a genealogy program to store, edit, and research genealogical data. It provides advanced capabilities for research, analysis, and correlation to potentially fill relationship gaps.

Version: 5.1.5 License: GPL-2 GitHub
Maintainers dbevans mascguy
Categories python genealogy
Platforms darwin
  • quartz (Enable native macOS graphics support)
  • x11 (Enable X11 support)

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* When using Gramps, be sure to backup your data regularly! Gramps backups are in XML format, which is machine and human-readable. It is also completely self-sufficient, as well as compact.
* The following are good backup practices:
- Backup from time to time, especially after large edits.
- Backup before making big changes, such as importing new data into an existing database, merging records, running tools that may heavily modify the data, etc.
- Backup before upgrading Gramps to a newer version. Backup with the old version before you install the new one!
- Backup before upgrading your OS.
* Also, use XML format for any data migration. Moving to another machine, sending data to a family member, copying to another user on the same machine -- all of these cases should use XML.
* For detailed backup instructions, see the online Gramps documentation at:

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