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The GNU Emacs text editor

GNU Emacs is a self-documenting, customizable, extensible real-time display editor. Users new to Emacs will be able to use basic features fairly rapidly by studying the tutorial and using the self-documentation features. Emacs also has an extensive interactive manual browser. It is easily extensible since its editing commands are written in Lisp.

Version: 29.3 License: GPL-3+ GitHub
Maintainers drkp catap
Categories editors
Homepage https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/emacs.html
Platforms darwin freebsd
  • dbus (Builds emacs with D-Bus support)
  • gtk (Builds emacs as an X11 program with GTK+3 widgets)
  • motif (Builds emacs as an X11 program with Motif widgets)
  • nativecomp (Builds emacs with native compilation support)
  • treesitter (Builds emacs with tree-sitter support)
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)
  • x11 (Builds emacs as a X11 program with Lucid widgets)
  • xwidgets (Enable use of xwidgets in Emacs buffers)

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To install tree-sitter grammar libraries not required by built-in *-ts-modes, please use M-x treesit-install-language-grammar. For details, please refer to etc/NEWS or the Emacs Lisp reference manual.

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