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Name Version Description
drupal7 7.67 Drupal Open Source enterprise content management platform
drupal8 8.7.1 Drupal Open Source enterprise content management platform
drush 8.1.14 The DRUpal SHell
mediawiki 1.23.2 The wiki engine used by Wikipedia
mybb 1.8.20 A PHP-based bulletin board / discussion forum system
pear-Archive_Tar 1.3.13 PEAR Archive_Tar package
pear-Archive_Zip 0.1.2 PEAR Archive_Zip package
pear-Auth 1.6.4 PEAR Auth package
pear-Auth_HTTP 2.1.8 PEAR Auth_HTTP package
pear-Auth_PrefManager 1.2.2 PEAR Auth_PrefManager package
pear-Auth_PrefManager2 2.0.0dev1 PEAR Auth_PrefManager2 package
pear-Auth_RADIUS 1.0.7 PEAR Auth_RADIUS package
pear-Auth_SASL 1.0.6 PEAR Auth_SASL package
pear-AWSSDKforPHP PEAR Amazon Web Service (AWS) SDK package
pear-Benchmark 1.2.9 PEAR Benchmark package
pear-Cache 1.5.6 PEAR Cache package
pear-Cache_Lite 1.7.15 PEAR Cache_Lite package
pear-Calendar 0.5.5 PEAR Calendar package
pear-CodeGen 1.0.7 PEAR CodeGen package
pear-CodeGen_MySQL 1.0.0RC1 PEAR CodeGen_MySQL package
pear-CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin 0.9.2 PEAR CodeGen_MySQL_Plugin package
pear-CodeGen_MySQL_UDF 1.0.0RC1 PEAR CodeGen_MySQL_UDF package
pear-CodeGen_PECL 1.1.3 PEAR CodeGen_PECL package
pear-Config 2.0.15 PEAR Config package
pear-Config_Lite 0.2.1 PEAR Config_Lite package
pear-Console_Color 1.0.3 PEAR Console_Color package
pear-Console_CommandLine 1.2.0 PEAR Console_CommandLine package
pear-Console_Getargs 1.3.5 PEAR Console_Getargs package
pear-Console_Getopt 1.3.1 PEAR Console_Getopt package
pear-Console_GetoptPlus 1.0.0RC1 PEAR Console_GetoptPlus package
pear-Console_ProgressBar 0.5.2beta PEAR Console_ProgressBar package
pear-Console_Table 1.1.4 PEAR Console_Table package
pear-Contact_AddressBook 0.5.1 PEAR Contact_AddressBook package
pear-Contact_Vcard_Build 1.1.2 PEAR Contact_Vcard_Build package
pear-Contact_Vcard_Parse 1.32.0 PEAR Contact_Vcard_Parse package
pear-Crypt_Blowfish 1.1.0RC2 PEAR Crypt_Blowfish package
pear-Crypt_CBC 1.0.1 PEAR Crypt_CBC package
pear-Crypt_CHAP 1.5.0 PEAR Crypt_CHAP package
pear-Crypt_DiffieHellman 0.2.6 PEAR Crypt_DiffieHellman package
pear-Crypt_GPG 1.3.2 PEAR Crypt_GPG package
pear-Crypt_HMAC 1.0.1 PEAR Crypt_HMAC package
pear-Crypt_HMAC2 1.0.0 PEAR Crypt_HMAC2 package
pear-Crypt_MicroID 0.1.0 PEAR Crypt_MicroID package
pear-Crypt_RC4 0.2.2 PEAR Crypt_RC4 package
pear-Crypt_RC42 0.9.0 PEAR Crypt_RC42 package
pear-Crypt_RSA 0.2.2 PEAR Crypt_RSA package
pear-Crypt_Xtea 1.1.0 PEAR Crypt_Xtea package
pear-Crypt_XXTEA 0.9.0 PEAR Crypt_XXTEA package
pear-Date 1.5.0a2 PEAR Date package
pear-Date_Holidays 0.21.6 PEAR Date_Holidays package
pear-Date_Holidays_Australia 0.2.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_Australia package
pear-Date_Holidays_Austria 0.1.4 PEAR Date_Holidays_Austria package
pear-Date_Holidays_Brazil 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Brazil package
pear-Date_Holidays_Croatia 0.1.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_Croatia package
pear-Date_Holidays_Denmark 0.1.3 PEAR Date_Holidays_Denmark package
pear-Date_Holidays_Discordian 0.1.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_Discordian package
pear-Date_Holidays_EnglandWales 0.1.4 PEAR Date_Holidays_EnglandWales package
pear-Date_Holidays_Germany 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Germany package
pear-Date_Holidays_Iceland 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Iceland package
pear-Date_Holidays_Ireland 0.1.3 PEAR Date_Holidays_Ireland package
pear-Date_Holidays_Italy 0.1.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_Italy package
pear-Date_Holidays_Japan 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Japan package
pear-Date_Holidays_Netherlands 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Netherlands package
pear-Date_Holidays_Norway 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Norway package
pear-Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_PHPdotNet package
pear-Date_Holidays_Portugal 0.1.0 PEAR Date_Holidays_Portugal package
pear-Date_Holidays_Romania 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Romania package
pear-Date_Holidays_SanMarino 0.1.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_SanMarino package
pear-Date_Holidays_Slovenia 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Slovenia package
pear-Date_Holidays_Spain 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Spain package
pear-Date_Holidays_Sweden 0.1.3 PEAR Date_Holidays_Sweden package
pear-Date_Holidays_Ukraine 0.1.2 PEAR Date_Holidays_Ukraine package
pear-Date_Holidays_UNO 0.1.3 PEAR Date_Holidays_UNO package
pear-Date_Holidays_USA 0.1.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_USA package
pear-Date_Holidays_Venezuela 0.1.1 PEAR Date_Holidays_Venezuela package
pear-DB 1.7.14 PEAR DB package
pear-DBA 1.1.1 PEAR DBA package
pear-DB_ado 1.3.1 PEAR DB_ado package
pear-DBA_Relational 0.2.0 PEAR DBA_Relational package
pear-DB_DataObject 1.10.0 PEAR DB_DataObject package
pear-DB_DataObject_FormBuilder 1.0.2 PEAR DB_DataObject_FormBuilder package
pear-DB_ldap 1.2.1 PEAR DB_ldap package
pear-DB_ldap2 0.5.1 PEAR DB_ldap2 package
pear-DB_NestedSet 1.4.1 PEAR DB_NestedSet package
pear-DB_odbtp 1.0.4 PEAR DB_odbtp package
pear-DB_Pager 0.7.2 PEAR DB_Pager package
pear-DB_QueryTool 1.1.2 PEAR DB_QueryTool package
pear-DB_Sqlite_Tools 0.1.7 PEAR DB_Sqlite_Tools package
pear-DB_Table 1.5.6 PEAR DB_Table package
pear-Dropbox 0.4.0 PEAR Dropbox package
pear-Event_Dispatcher 1.1.0 PEAR Event_Dispatcher package
pear-Event_SignalEmitter 0.3.2 PEAR Event_SignalEmitter package
pear-File 1.4.1 PEAR File package
pear-File_Archive 1.5.5 PEAR File_Archive package
pear-File_Bittorrent 1.1.0 PEAR File_Bittorrent package
pear-File_Bittorrent2 1.3.1 PEAR File_Bittorrent2 package
pear-File_Cabinet 0.1.0 PEAR File_Cabinet package
pear-File_CSV 1.0.0 PEAR File_CSV package
pear-File_CSV_DataSource 1.0.1 PEAR File_CSV_DataSource package
pear-File_DeliciousLibrary 0.1.1 PEAR File_DeliciousLibrary package

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