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2048.cpp 2019-12-12 Fully featured terminal version of the game 2048 written in C++
2Pong 1.0.1a Pong game with 2 balls, 2 and 4 player support
54321 1.0.2001.11.16 5 games in 4, 3, or 2 dimensions for 1 player
abgx360 1.0.6 Xbox 360 disc checker
advancemame 3.9 unofficial MAME version with advanced video support
advancemenu 2.5.0 Obsolete port, replaced by advancemame
alienarena 7.71.1-20200830-r5669 retro sci-fi old school deathmatch game similar to Quake III and Unreal Tournament
alienarena-data 7.71.1-20191015-r5663 Assets for the Alien Arena game
alienblaster 1.1.0 action loaded 2D arcade shooter for up to two players
allegro A game programming library for C/C++ developers.
allegro5 A game programming library for C/C++ developers.
angband 4.1.3 a rogue-like dungeon exploration game (curses-based)
aop 0.6 Curses based arcade game for UNIX with only 64 lines of sourcecode.
atanks 5.1 atanks is a multi-platform Scorched Earth clone
awemud 0.22 MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game server
barrage 1.0.4 Action game with objective to destroy tanks, jeeps, etc.
bastet 0.43.2 Bastard Tetris is an antagonistic Tetris clone
blobwars 2.00 jump and run game featuring a Blob as main character
blockout2 2.4 Open source clone of the 1989 California Dreams classic game Blockout.
bluemoon 2.12 52-card solitaire game
bnetd 0.4.25 daemon that emulates Blizzards service
bomber 4.14.3 Bomber is a single player arcade game. The player is invading various cities in a plane that is decreasing in height.
bomberclone 0.11.9 AtomicBomberman clone incl. networking and AI players
boswars 2.7 Bos Wars is a futuristic real time strategy game.
bovo 4.14.3 Bovo is a Gomoku (from Japanese, lit. five points).
bs 2.10 ncurses version of Battleship
bzflag 2.4.18 3D tank game, multiplayer and internet gaming available
cannonsmash 0.6.6 3D tabletennis game
cheops 1.3 CHEss OPponent Simulator
chromium-bsu fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter.
circuslinux 1.0.3 Circus Atari clone, similar to Breakout and Arkanoid
cmatrix 2.0 Console Matrix
Cockatrice 2016-05-06-Release A board for playing trading card games like MTG online
cowsay 3.03 Configurable talking characters in ASCII art
crack-attack 1.1.14 Fast-paced puzzle game
crafty 25.2 Crafty is a chess program, that can be interfaced with xboard.
CrimsonFields 0.5.3 Tactical war game in the tradition of Battle Isle
criticalmass 1.0.2 Critical Mass is an SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game.
ctris 0.42.1 Ncurses based tetris clone written in C.
cursive 1.0 Create ASCII character cursive handwriting
defendguin 0.0.12 clone of the classic arcade game Defender
digger 20020314 the Digger game
dominion 2.8.2 world simulation RPG
dopewars 1.5.12 Rewrite of a game originally based on "Drug Wars"
duke3d 0.1 Runtime for FPS Duke Nukem 3D
dvorakng 0.6.0rc1 A Dvorak typing tutor
eboard 1.1.3 eboard is a chess interface just like xboard.
enigma 1.21 puzzle game inspired by the games Oxyd and Rock'n'Roll
enigma-devel 20191107 puzzle game inspired by the games Oxyd and Rock'n'Roll
fbg 0.9 Puzzle game similar to Tetris but with improved graphics.
fife 0.3.5 The FIFE game engine
fizmo 0.8.5 Z-Machine interpreter for Infocom games.
flobopuyo 0.20 FloboPuyo
fortune 6.2.0-RELEASE Infamous electronic fortune-cookie generator
fortune-mod 2.28.0 Fortune-cookie generator
Freecell 2.1 classic solitaire game
freecell-solver 3.6.0 Freecell Solver solves automatically layouts of Freecell
freeciv 2.6.2 An empire-building strategy game
freeciv-x11 2.6.2 An empire-building strategy game
freedink 1.08.20090120 FreeDink is a portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine.
freedink-data 1.08.20170409 FreeDink data
freedroidclassic 1.0.2 Freedoid Classic is a Paradroid clone.
frobtads 1.2.4 FrobTADS is a new version of TADS for Unix
frotz 2.44 an interpreter for Infocom Z-Code games
frozenbubble2 2.212.0 Frozen Bubble 2
galaxis 1.7 UNIX clone of the Mac game Galaxis
gav 0.9.0 gav is an arcade volleyball game
gcs-java 2011.01.02.1054 GURPS Character Sheet
gdash 20180129unstable Emerald Mine-like game for GTK+ and SDL
geekcode 1.7.3 geekcode generator
ggz-client-libs The GGZ Gaming Zone - Core Client Libraries.
glob2 Globulation 2 - a free and innovative strategy game
gloomhaven-helper 8.4.6 Helper application for Gloomhaven board game.
glpong 1.3 Implementation of pong using OpenGL, playable vs. AI.
gnome-chess 3.26.0 Play the classic two-player boardgame of chess
gnome-mud 0.11.2 GNOME-Mud is a mudclient for the GNOME platform.
gnome-sudoku 3.26.0 Sudoku is a Japanese logic game that exploded in popularity in 2005.
gnubg 1.05.002 GNU Backgammon
gnuchess 6.2.7 GNU Chess is a chess-playing program.
gnugo 3.8 GNU Go
gnushogi 1.3.2 GNU version of Shogi, a game of Japanese chess.
godot 3.2.3 cross-platform 2-D and 3-D game development environment
Gomoku 1.2.6 extended TicTacToe game
granatier 4.14.3 Granatier is a clone of the classic Bomberman game, inspired by the work of the Clanbomber clone.
greed 4.2 strategy game
Gridlock 1.10 Grid-based board games collection, including AI and network play
gtetrinet 0.7.11 A GNOME based tetrinet client
gti 1.6.1 Just a silly git launcher, basically. Inspired by sl.
gtkevemon 1.9 GTK Eve-Online monitor
gtypist 2.9.3 A universal typing tutor.
jnethack 3.4.3-0.11 Classic dungeon adventure game, translated in Japanese.
kanatest 0.4.8 Kanatest is a Japanese kana (Hiragana and Katakana) simple flashcard tool.
kapman 4.14.3 Kapman is a clone of the well known game Pac-Man.
katomic 4.14.3 Katomic is both fun and educational game built around molecular geometry.
kblackbox 4.14.3 KBlackbox is a game of hide and seek played on a grid of boxes where the computer has hidden several balls.
kblocks 4.14.3 KBlocks is the classic falling blocks game.
kbounce 4.14.3 KBounce is a single player arcade game with the elements of puzzle.
kbreakout 4.14.3 The object of the game is to destroy as many bricks as possible without losing the ball.
kdegames4 4.14.3 A variety of games made with the KDE4 development platform
kdiamond 4.14.3 The object of the game is to build lines of three similar diamonds.

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