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ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN

The ROOT system provides a set of frameworks with all the functionality needed to handle and analyze large amounts of data in a very efficient way.

Version: 5.34.37 License: LGPL-2.1+ GitHub
Maintainers cjones051073
Categories science
Platforms darwin
  • avahi (Build with avahi support)
  • clang50 (Compile using MacPorts clang 5.0)
  • cocoa (Enables native OSX graphical backend)
  • debug (Enable a debug build)
  • fftw3 (Build with fftw3 support)
  • fitsio (Build with fitsio support)
  • gcc49 (Build with gfortran from gcc49)
  • gcc5 (Build with gfortran from gcc5)
  • gcc6 (Build with gfortran from gcc6)
  • gcc7 (Build with gfortran from gcc7)
  • gcc8 (Build with gfortran from gcc8)
  • gcc9 (Build with gfortran from gcc9)
  • graphviz (Build with graphviz support)
  • gsl (Build with gsl support)
  • http (Build with HTTP Server library support)
  • ldap (Build with ldap support)
  • mariadb (Build with mariadb support)
  • minuit2 (Build with minuit2 support)
  • mysql (Build with mysql5 support)
  • mysql51 (Build with mysql51 support)
  • mysql55 (Build with mysql55 support)
  • mysql56 (Build with mysql56 support)
  • odbc (Build with odbc support)
  • opengl (Build with opengl support)
  • percona (Build with percona support)
  • pythia (Pythia 8 support for root)
  • python27 (Build with python 2.7 support)
  • python35 (Build with python 3.5 support)
  • python36 (Build with python 3.6 support)
  • python37 (Build with python 3.7 support)
  • qt_mac (Build with Qt support via Mac UI)
  • roofit (Build the RooFit advanced fitting package)
  • sqlite3 (Build with sqlite3 support)
  • ssl (Build with ssl support)
  • tmva (Build the TMVA package)
  • vc (Build with Vc library support)
  • x11 (Enables X11 graphical backend)
  • xml (Build with xml support)
  • xrootd (Build with XRootD support)

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