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mail filter to identify spam

SpamAssassin(tm) is a mail filter to identify spam. Using its rule base, it uses a wide range of heuristic tests on mail headers and body text to identify spam, also known as unsolicited commercial email.

Version: 4.0.1 License: Apache-2 GitHub
Maintainers No Maintainer
Categories mail perl
Homepage https://spamassassin.apache.org/
Platforms {darwin any}
  • razor (Use Vipuls Razor module)
  • ssl (Encrypt communication from spamc to spamd)
  • vpopmail (Use Spamassassin with vpopmail)

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Port notes

If you're running spamassassin for the first time, you should copy the following configuration files and remove the .sample extension:

cd ${prefix}/etc/mail/spamassassin
cp init.pre.sample init.pre
cp local.cf.sample local.cf
cp v310.pre.sample v310.pre
cp v312.pre.sample v312.pre
cp v320.pre.sample v320.pre
cp v330.pre.sample v330.pre
cp v340.pre.sample v340.pre
cp v341.pre.sample v341.pre
cp v342.pre.sample v342.pre A startup item has been generated that will aid in starting p5.34-mail-spamassassin with launchd. It is disabled by default. Execute the following command to start it, and to cause it to launch at startup:

sudo port load p5.34-mail-spamassassin

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