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Open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer

MediaTomb is an open source (GPL) UPnP MediaServer with a nice web user interface, it allows you to stream your digital media through your home network and listen to/watch it on a variety of UPnP compatible devices.

Version: 0.12.1 License: unknown GitHub
Maintainers No Maintainer
Categories net multimedia
Platforms darwin
  • ffmpeg (Use ffmpeg for gathering metadata)
  • id3lib (Use id3lib for tag access)
  • mysql5 (Use MySQL 5 database)
  • taglib (Use TagLib for tag access)
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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Port notes

* To use UTF-8 filename and metadata on Mac OS X, add:
* <filesystem-charset>UTF-8-MAC</filesystem-charset>
* <metadata-charset>UTF-8-MAC</metadata-charset>
* to <import> section of ~/.mediatomb/config.xml.
* In order to use MySQL for MediaTomb database:
* 1. Create DB on mysqld and grant all privilege to DB user.
* 2. Run "mediatomb" once on your shell.
* 3. Edit auto-generated ~/.mediatomb/config.xml.
* In <server> section, edit <mysql> config like this:
* <mysql enabled="yes">
* <host>localhost</host>
* <username>dbusername</username>
* <password>dbpassword</password>
* <database>dbname</database>
* </mysql>
* If sqlite3 is enabled,
* <sqlite3 enabled="no">
* is also needed to disable it.

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