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Modern, featureful implementation of the Unix man page system.

man-db is an implementation of the standard Unix documentation system accessed using the man command. It uses a Berkeley DB database in place of the traditional flat-text whatis databases. man-db is used by several popular Linux distributions, including: Arch, Debian, Dragora, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, and Ubuntu.

Version: 2.11.2 License: GPL-3+ GitHub
Maintainers ylluminarious
Categories textproc
Platforms darwin linux
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man-db does not know about Xcode's manpages by default. You may want to add them to your MANPATH. Obtain the complete list of Xcode man directories with:

find $(xcode-select -p) -type d | /usr/bin/grep '/usr/share/man$' | /usr/bin/tr -s '\n' ':'; echo

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