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Linux Infrared Remote Control

LIRC enables receiving and/or sending infra-red remote controls signals. The only hardware is known to work (on the Mac operating system) includes the IR receiver in older HDHomerun tuner boxes and the Sony Vaio PCVA-IR5U receiver. Other hardware _could_ work but is untested. Lirc does not currently work with the IR receiver built into various Mac models. Lirc on OSX can also receive signals relayed from another Lirc server.

Version: 0.10.2 License: (GPL-2+ or OpenSSLException) GitHub
Maintainers ctreleaven
Categories sysutils net
Platforms darwin
  • gui ( include experimental gui tools )
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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Port notes

Before starting the lircd background process, two configuration steps need to be completed. First, edit ${prefix}/etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf to specify the driver and device being used. Second, add at least one remote configuration file to ${prefix}/etc/lirc/lircd.conf.d so lirc can interpret the infrared pulses that your remote sends. The script irdb-get can help find existing remote configuration files or the program irrecord can help create a configuration file for a particular remote.

Any clients of lirc must be able to read and write the pipe at ${prefix}/var/run/lircd A startup item has been generated that will aid in starting lirc with launchd. It is disabled by default. Execute the following command to start it, and to cause it to launch at startup:

sudo port load lirc

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