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An automated engraving system for typesetting sheet music.

Lilypond is a unix-based automated engraving system that generates beautiful sheet music from input files. Lilypond uses its own input format, .ly, which in many ways is similar to LaTeX. Lilypond can export sheet music to PDF, EPS, SVG, and PNG formats, and can also create MIDI files.

Version: 2.24.3 License: GPL-3+ GitHub
Maintainers nerdling
Categories textproc
Platforms darwin
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Pre-installation note for 'mactex' variant:

MacTeX or another external TeXLive distribution gets used for installation instead of MacPorts's texlive packages; the path to the TeX distribution's binary directory (for example '/Library/TeX/texbin') must be added to 'binpath' in 'macports.conf' *before* installing this port.

Note that TeX is not needed after installation.

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