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The High Code Framework (low-code for devs), a flexible data modeling & code generation system

The hof tool tries to remove redundent development activities by using high level designs, code generation, and diff3 while letting you write custom code directly in the output. (low-code for developers) Users write Single Source of Truth (SSoT) design for data models and the application generators. hof reads the SSoT, processes it through the code generators, and outputs directories and files. Users can write custom code in the output, change their designs, and regenerate code in any order. hof can be customized and extended by only editing text files and not hof source code. Use your own tools, technologies, and practices, hof does not make any choices for you. hof is powered by Cue (https://cuelang.org & https://cuetorials.com)


To install hof, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install hof

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