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GNU Linear Programming Kit

The GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and organized in the form of a callable library.

Version: 5.0 License: GPL-3+ GitHub
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Categories lang math
Platforms darwin
  • iodbc (enable MathProg ODBC support using iODBC)
  • mysql (legacy variant, use +mysql5 instead)
  • mysql5 (enable MathProg MySQL support using MySQL 5.1)
  • mysql56 (enable MathProg MySQL support using MySQL 5.6)
  • mysql8 (enable MathProg MySQL support using MySQL 8)
  • odbc (enable MathProg ODBC support using unixODBC)
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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