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Cross-platform gcc pegged at version 10.3.0. No dependencies.

Cross-platform gcc pegged at version 10.3.0. No dependencies. This was the last version of gcc to not require c++11 for bootstrap.

Version: 10.3.0 License: (GPL-3+ or Permissive) GitHub
Maintainers catap
Categories lang
Homepage https://gcc.gnu.org/
Platforms darwin
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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Port notes

To use this bootstrap version of gcc instead of the default compiler, add the following lines to the Portfile:

depends_lib-append port:gcc10-bootstrap

configure.cc ${prefix}/libexec/gcc10-bootstrap/bin/gcc
configure.cxx ${prefix}/libexec/gcc10-bootstrap/bin/g++

If you would like to build universal port with this compiler, you must use per target compiler. The easy way is using muniversal PG:

PortGroup muniversal 1.0

if {${universal_possible} && [variant_isset universal]} {
configure.cc {}
configure.cxx {}

foreach arch ${universal_archs_supported} {
lappend merger_configure_env(${arch}) "CC=arch -arch ${arch} ${prefix}/libexec/gcc10-bootstrap/bin/gcc"
lappend merger_configure_env(${arch}) "CXX=arch -arch ${arch} ${prefix}/libexec/gcc10-bootstrap/bin/g++"
} else {
configure.cc ${prefix}/libexec/gcc10-bootstrap/bin/gcc
configure.cxx ${prefix}/libexec/gcc10-bootstrap/bin/g++

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