v 0.8.5

Z-Machine interpreter for Infocom games.

Fizmo is a Z-Machine interpreter (Fizmo Interprets Z-Machine Opcodes) which allows you to run Infocom- and most other Z-Machine based games -- except version 6 -- on POSIX-like systems which provide a ncursesw (note the 'w') library. It has been successfully compiled on Debian based Linux, Mac OS X (with MacPorts providing ncursesw) and Windows (using Cygwin and a self-compiled ncursesw library). This is a console-style application, meaning that it runs in textmode and does not provide any GUI whatsoever. For more information about Infocom and interactive fiction, see the 'New to IF' section at Games are available from

To install fizmo, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install fizmo

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