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ejabberd is an XMPP application server.

Version: 18.12.1 | Maintained by: ci42 | Categories: net | Variants: odbc


The Erlang Programming Language

Version: 23.1 | Maintained by: ci42 | Categories: lang erlang | Variants: wxwidgets, ssl, hipe, odbc


A set of libraries for Unix and Linux that allows your programs to natively talk to Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase databases

Version: 1.3.3 | Maintained by: ryandesign | Categories: databases | Variants: mssql, odbc, iodbc, universal


GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

Version: 3.3.1 | Maintained by: Veence | Categories: gis | Variants: debug, clang10, clang11, clang12, clang13, clang50, clang60, clang70, clang80, clang90, clangdevel, g95, gcc10, gcc11, gcc5, gcc6, gcc7, gcc8, gcc9, gccdevel, gfortran, mpich, openmpi, lto, lzma, libkml, grass, mrsid, ecw, hdf4, hdf5, heif, netcdf, jasper, openjpeg, xerces, postgresql95, postgresql96, postgresql10, postgresql11, postgresql12, postgresql13, mysql5, mysql57, mysql8, odbc, poppler, cfitsio, proj6, proj7, proj8, perf, native, universal


GNU Linear Programming Kit

Version: 5.0 | Maintained by: | Categories: lang math | Variants: odbc, iodbc, mysql, mysql5, mysql56, mysql8, universal


dynamic programming language

Version: 7.6.112 | Maintained by: | Categories: lang | Variants: image, ttf, pcre, gdbm, mysql, odbc, postgresql, gtk, opengl, sane, sdl, svg, doc


POCO C++ Libraries

Version: 1.10.1 | Maintained by: arjanvandervelde | Categories: devel | Variants: debug, odbc, mysql, sqlite


Qt Tool Kit

Version: 3.3.8 | Maintained by: | Categories: x11 | Variants: mysql, odbc, psql


Qt Tool Kit

Version: 4.8.7 | Maintained by: michaelld | Categories: aqua | Variants: odbc, raster, demos, examples, debug, openvg, cxx11, universal


ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN

Version: 5.34.37 | Maintained by: cjones051073 | Categories: science | Variants: http, vc, debug, xrootd, soversion, graphviz, avahi, fftw3, gsl, fitsio, odbc, ldap, roofit, tmva, minuit2, opengl, python27, python35, python36, python37, ssl, xml, sqlite3, mysql, mysql51, mysql55, mysql56, mariadb, percona, postgresql90, postgresql92, pythia, cocoa, x11, clang50, qt_mac, gcc49, gcc5, gcc6, gcc7, gcc8, gcc9


ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN

Version: 6.24.06 | Maintained by: cjones051073, mojca | Categories: science | Variants: debug, gcc10, gcc11, gcc9, gccdevel, native, qt4, veccore, valgrind, vc, xrootd, graphviz, fftw3, gsl, fitsio, odbc, roofit, tmva, opengl, python38, python39, python310, davix, xml, sqlite3, mysql, mariadb, percona, postgresql, pythia, cocoa, x11


Shibboleth Native Service Provider

Version: 3.2.3 | Maintained by: nerdling, scantor | Categories: security www shibboleth | Variants: odbc, universal


SOCI - The C++ Database Access Library

Version: 3.2.0 | Maintained by: | Categories: devel databases | Variants: sqlite3, universal, debug, boost, mysql5, odbc, oracle, postgresql84, postgresql90

13 port(s) found