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flexible daemon periodically collecting system statistics data

Version: 5.12.0 | Maintained by: neverpanic, raimue | Categories: sysutils net | Variants: aggregation, amqp, apache, apcups, apple_sensors, ascent, barometer, battery, bind, ceph, chrony, contextswitch, cpu, cpusleep, csv, curl, curl_json, curl_xml, dbi, df, disk, dns, email, ethstat, exec, filecount, gmond, gps, grpc, hddtemp, interface, java, load, log_logstash, logfile, lpar, lua, mbmon, memcachec, memcached, memory, multimeter, mysql, network, nginx, notify_desktop, notify_email, notify_nagios, ntpd, numa, nut, olsrd, openldap, openvpn, perl, pf, pinba, ping, postgresql, powerdns, python, rrdcached, rrdtool, smart, snmp, snmp_agent, statsd, swap, syslog, table, tail, tail_csv, tcpconns, teamspeak2, ted, threshold, tokyotyrant, unixsock, uptime, users, uuid, varnish, virt, write_graphite, write_http, write_log, write_sensu, write_tsdb, zookeeper, universal


GNU Linear Programming Kit

Version: 5.0 | Maintained by: | Categories: lang math | Variants: odbc, iodbc, mysql, mysql5, mysql56, mysql8, universal


The wiki engine used by Wikipedia

Version: 1.23.2 | Maintained by: | Categories: www php | Variants: mysql, postgresql


A PHP-based bulletin board / discussion forum system

Version: 3.3.10 | Maintained by: nerdling | Categories: www php | Variants: mysql, postgresql


dynamic programming language

Version: 7.6.112 | Maintained by: | Categories: lang | Variants: image, ttf, pcre, gdbm, mysql, odbc, postgresql, gtk, opengl, sane, sdl, svg, doc


POCO C++ Libraries

Version: 1.12.4 | Maintained by: arjanvandervelde | Categories: devel | Variants: debug, odbc, mongodb, mysql, sqlite, universal


Qt Tool Kit

Version: 3.3.8 | Maintained by: | Categories: x11 | Variants: mysql, odbc, psql


Integrated environment for bioinformatics.

Version: 0.6.2 | Maintained by: | Categories: science ruby | Variants: mysql, postgres, universal


ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN

Version: 5.34.37 | Maintained by: cjones051073 | Categories: science | Variants: http, vc, debug, xrootd, soversion, graphviz, avahi, fftw3, python37, ssl, xml, sqlite3, mysql, mysql51, mysql55, mysql56, mariadb, percona, postgresql90, postgresql92, pythia, cocoa, x11, clang50, qt_mac, gcc49, gcc5, gcc6, gcc7, gcc8, gsl, fitsio, odbc, ldap, roofit, tmva, minuit2, opengl, python27, python35, python36, gcc9


ROOT is a data analysis framework from CERN

Version: 6.28.06 | Maintained by: cjones051073, mojca | Categories: science | Variants: debug, gcc11, gcc10, gcc12, gccdevel, native, qt4, veccore, valgrind, vc, xrootd, graphviz, fftw3, gsl, fitsio, odbc, roofit, tmva, opengl, python38, python39, python310, python311, jupyter, davix, xml, sqlite3, mysql, mariadb, percona, postgresql, pythia, cocoa, x11


SQLgrey is a postfix policy service implementing a grey-listing policy

Version: 1.8.0 | Maintained by: | Categories: mail | Variants: perl5_28, perl5_30, perl5_32, perl5_34, mysql, sqlite, postgresql, table_names


Wiki and issue tracking system.

Version: 1.4.3 | Maintained by: | Categories: devel python | Variants: postgres, mysql, subversion


Wiki and issue tracking system.

Version: 1.4.3 | Maintained by: | Categories: devel python | Variants: postgres, mysql, subversion

13 port(s) found