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YAML templating tool that works on YAML structure instead of text

ytt (pronounced spelled out) is a templating tool that understands YAML structure. It helps you easily configure complex software via reusable templates and user provided values. ytt provides: - Structural templating: understands yaml structure so users can focus on their configuration instead of issues associated with text templating, such as YAML value quoting or manual template indentation - Built-in programming language: includes the "fully featured" Python-like programming language Starlark which helps ease the burden of configuring complex software through a richer set of functionality. - Reusable configuration: You can reuse the same configuration in different environments by applying environment-specific values. - Custom validations: coupled with the fast and deterministic execution, allows you to take advantage of faster feedback loops when creating and testing templates - Overlays: this advanced configuration helps users manage the customization required for complex software. For more, see this example in the online playground. - Sandboxing: provides a secure, deterministic environment for execution of templates

To install ytt, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install ytt

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