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Created by Facebook to replace NPM, yarn boasts about its speed, security, and reliability. Most notably, yarn dependencies are installed deterministically, whereas NPM's dependencies are not.

Version: 1.22.19 License: BSD GitHub
Maintainers jambonrose isomarcte
Categories devel
Homepage https://yarnpkg.com/
Platforms darwin
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yarn stores data in:


Should you choose to install packages globally with yarn (yarn global add), these files will not be removed if you deactivate or uninstall yarn. By default, these packages will be installed in ~/.config/yarn/global, and soft-linked to ${prefix}/bin. To uninstall them all:

$ ls -1 $HOME/.config/yarn/global/node_modules/ | xargs sudo yarn global remove

You may then remove the directories listed above and uninstall yarn.

yarn is meant to replace NPM, and may cause conflicts if you use both.

You may override the default global installation directory by setting the PREFIX environment variable, e.g.

mkdir -p $HOME/.config/yarn/bin # Or wherever you want
export PREFIX=$HOME/.config/yarn/bin

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