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A debugger UI

Voltron is an extensible debugger UI toolkit written in Python. It aims to improve the user experience of various debuggers by enabling the attachment of utility views that can retrieve and display data from the debugger host. By running these views in other TTYs, you can build a customised debugger user interface to suit your needs.

Version: 0.1.7 License: MIT GitHub
Maintainers raimue
Categories devel python
Homepage https://github.com/snare/voltron
Platforms darwin
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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Port notes

To use voltron, you should also install gdb +python27 and configure your .gdbinit to load voltron automatically:
source ${prefix}/libexec/voltron/entry.py
voltron init
set disassembly-flavor intel

See the upstream documentation for details:

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