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Constraint Grammar parser for the VISL CG-3 formalism

Constraint Grammar (CG) is a methodological paradigm for Natural Language Parsing. Linguist-written, context dependent rules are compiled by VISL CG-3 into a grammar that assigns grammatical tags to tokens in running text. Tags address base forms, inflexion, derivation, syntactic function, dependency, valency, case roles, semantic type etc. Rules may add, remove, select or replace a (set of) tags in a given sentence context. Context conditions can be linked to any (set of) tags of any word in the sentence, over absolute or undefined distances. Context conditions in the same rule may be conditioned upon each other, negated or blocked by interfering words or tags.

To install vislcg3, paste this in macOS terminal after installing MacPorts

sudo port install vislcg3

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