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Generic Image Processing Library for C++

VIGRA stands for "Vision with Generic Algorithms". It's a novel computer vision library that puts its main emphasis on customizable algorithms and data structures. By using template techniques similar to those in the C++ Standard Template Library, you can easily adapt any VIGRA component to the needs of your application, without thereby giving up execution speed.

Version: 1.11.1 License: MIT GitHub
Maintainers BSeppke
Categories graphics
Platforms darwin
  • debug (Enable debug binaries)
  • docs (Build documentation)
  • python27 (Also build vigranumpy python 2.7 bindings)
  • python310 (Also build vigranumpy python 3.10 bindings)
  • python37 (Also build vigranumpy python 3.7 bindings)
  • python38 (Also build vigranumpy python 3.8 bindings)
  • python39 (Also build vigranumpy python 3.9 bindings)
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)
  • valgrind (Include support for VALGRIND)

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