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universal scene description

Universal Scene Description (USD) is a software library, developed by Pixar Animation Studios, that provides a system for authoring, reading, and streaming time-sampled scene description for interchange between computer graphics applications. It organizes data into hierarchical namespaces of primitives and their properties. This provides a set of schemas upon which common 3-D computer graphics concepts such as geometry, shading, models, and assets can be organized and manipulated.

Version: 20.05 License: Apache-2 GitHub
Maintainers jasonliu--
Categories graphics
Platforms darwin
  • alembic (Build the Alembic plugin for USD)
  • debug (Enable debug binaries)
  • docs (Build documentation)
  • hdf5 (Enable HDF5 support in the Alembic plugin)
  • imaging (Build imaging components)
  • monolithic (Build the USD libraries as a single archive library, instead of modular individual libraries)
  • ocio (Build OpenColorIO plugin)
  • oiio (Build OpenImageIO plugin)
  • opengl (Enable OpenGL-based components)
  • ptex (Enable Ptex support)
  • python (Enable Python-based components)
  • tests (Build unit tests)
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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