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Simulated Annealing with Modern Fortran
Version: 1.0.0 License: BSD GitHub
Maintainers barracuda156
Categories science fortran
Platforms darwin
  • accelerate (Build with linear algebra from built-in Accelerate framework)
  • atlas (Build with linear algebra from ATLAS)
  • blis (Build with linear algebra from BLIS)
  • flexiblas (Build with linear algebra from FlexiBLAS)
  • gcc10 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 10 compiler)
  • gcc11 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 11 compiler)
  • gcc12 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 12 compiler)
  • gcc13 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 13 compiler)
  • gccdevel (Build using the MacPorts gcc devel compiler)
  • openblas (Build with linear algebra from OpenBLAS)

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