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The Steel Bank Common Lisp system

Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) is a Open Source implementation of ANSI Common Lisp. It provides an interactive environment including an integrated native compiler, interpreter, and debugger. SBCL is quite suitable for the creation of long running system services, as the compiler trades the time for a long initial compilation for blazingly fast loading of its binary runtime fasl representation.

Version: 2.3.8 License: BSD GitHub
Maintainers easye catap
Categories lang
Platforms darwin
  • fancy (Configure SBCL compilation with all available compatible options (including threading).)
  • html (Installs documentation in HTML and Info formats.)
  • pdf (Installs documentation in PDF, HTML and Info formats. Involves the installation of a TexLive dependency chain, which can dramatically slow down the installation of the SBCL port.)
  • simd (Enable build of SIMD extention, that fails on CPU without AVX2 support.)
  • threads (Enable multi-threaded runtime using the Mach pthreads interface.)

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