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Smaller, easier, more powerful, and more reliable than make.

redo is literally the most amazingly groundbreaking build system since the original invention of 'make'. Claims: it can do everything make can do; with no baked-in assumptions about what you're building; with much less code; with much greater parallelism; with finer-grained dependencies; with much less syntax (actually nothing but /bin/sh); while supporting recursion and full dependency information simultaneously (no Recursive Make Considered Harmful crap); yet build scripts are highly modular and readable; and you can checksum your targets instead of using timestamps; and your build scripts run linearly instead of an orderless "ruleset"; with no implicit rules required; and implementing C header autodependencies is completely sane; and dependency checks involve no forking or parsing so it's crazy fast; and you can incrementally convert parts of your project; because it can play well with other build systems; including jobserver compatibility with make -j; oh, and you can write a plug-compatible toy implementation in 100 lines of shell.

Version: 0.42 License: LGPL-2 GitHub
Maintainers chenguokai
Categories devel
Platforms any
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  • python27 (Change shebang lines to use Macports Python 2.7 )

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