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Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ

Rancid maintains a CVS/SVN/git repository of router and device config files. It emails you when changes occur and tells you what commands were changed.

Version: 3.13 License: BSD-old GitHub
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Homepage https://www.shrubbery.net/rancid
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#### To complete the RANCID installation ####

Copy the sample .cloginrc file to the RANCID user's home directory, make sure it isn't world readable, and edit it according to your needs.

cp ${prefix}/share/rancid/cloginrc.sample ~/.cloginrc
sudo chmod 640 ~/.cloginrc

See the README file in ${prefix}/share/rancid for more information.

To use the optional looking glass service to run status check commands (show ip route, show run, etc) against your devices from a web form, perform these steps:

1) Copy the looking glass files and set permissions.

Use the lg.conf.sample looking glass configuration file as a start.
cd ${prefix}/etc/rancid
cp lg.conf.sample lg.conf

Make an /lg folder in your Apache document root and copy lg files
sudo mkdir -p <Apache-directory>/lg/log
cd <Apache-directory>/lg
sudo cp ${prefix}/share/rancid/index.html ./
sudo cp ${prefix}/share/rancid/lgnotes.html ./

Copy the .cgi's to the Apache document root
cd <Apache-directory>/lg
cp ${prefix}/libexec/rancid/lg.cgi ./
cp ${prefix}/libexec/rancid/lgform.cgi ./

Set the file permissions. The rancid-user should also be the Apache user.
sudo chown -R <rancid-user>:<rancid-user> <Apache-docroot>/lg

2) To enable the cgi's in this directory to run, set this line in your httpd.conf:

<Directory /Library/WebServer/Documents/lg>
Options ExecCGI

3) Goto url http://localhost/lg with a web browser to use the looking glass.


Note that the router.db format has changed. The file separator is now a semicolon from a colon.

This is to better support IPv6 addresses in the file.


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