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The Enthought pyface package

The pyface project contains a toolkit-independent GUI abstraction layer, which is used to support the visualization features of the Traits package.

Version: 7.4.1 License: BSD
Maintainers jjstickel
Categories devel python
Platforms {darwin any}
  • pyqt4 (Qt backend using PyQt4)
  • pyqt5 (Qt backend using PyQt5)
  • pyside (Qt backend using PySide2)

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Port notes

If multiple backends are installed, the toolkit backend may be set with environment variables ETS_TOOLKIT and QT_API, e.g., ETS_TOOLKIT=qt4, QT_API=pyqt5. To specify pyqt5 backend at run time, set the environmental variables: `ETS_TOOLKIT=qt4` and `QT_API=pyqt5`

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