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A Python bindings generator for C/C++ libraries

SIP is a tool that makes it very easy to create Python bindings for C and C++ libraries. It was originally developed to create PyQt, the Python bindings for the Qt toolkit, but can be used to create bindings for any C or C++ library.

Version: 6.5.1 License: (GPL-2 or GPL-3 or PSF) GitHub
Maintainers michaelld reneeotten
Categories devel python
Platforms darwin
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py36-sip is available under a PSF license with one addition:

4. Licensee may not use SIP to generate Python bindings for any C or
C++ library for which bindings are already provided by Riverbank.

GPL-2 or GPL-3 licenses are also available. For details see
${prefix}/share/doc/py36-sip/LICENSE [-GPL2 -GPL3]

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