v 3.5.1

Fast, object-oriented RPC for C++, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP

The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) is a modern alternative to object middleware such as CORBA or COM/DCOM/COM+, with support for C++, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Visual Basic. Ice consists of the following packages. Slice: The Specification Language for Ice. Slice establishes a contract between clients and servers, and is also used to describe persistent data. Slice Compilers: Slice specifications are compiled into various programming languages. Ice supports C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, Python and Ruby. Ice clients and servers work together, regardless of the programming language. Ice: The Ice core library manages all the communication tasks using a highly efficient protocol (including protocol compression and support for both TCP and UDP), provides a flexible thread pool for multi-threaded servers. This Port provides the Python bindings that sit on top of the C++ Ice C++ runtime libraries.

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