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General utility modules that simplify common programming in Python

The Voidspace Pythonutils package is a simple way of installing the Voidspace collection of modules. These are currently: ConfigObj 4.4.0 - Easy config file reading/writing validate 0.2.3 - Validation and type conversion system StandOut 3.0.0 - Simple logging and output control object pathutils 0.2.5 - For working with paths and files cgiutils 0.3.5 - CGI helpers urlpath 0.1.0 - Functions for handling URLs odict 0.2.1 - Ordered Dictionary Class Several of the Voidspace Projects depend on these modules. They are also useful in their own right of course. They are primarily general utility modules that simplify common programming tasks in Python.

Version: 0.4.0 License: BSD GitHub
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This port is deprecated since the project is no longer maintained upstream. It is likely to be removed from MacPorts at some point in the future. If you find this port useful and would like to see it continue, please consider posting to the macports-users mailing list. See for more details.

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