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A new type of shell

Nushell, or Nu for short, is a new shell that takes a modern, structured approach to your commandline. It works seamlessly with the data from your filesystem, operating system, and a growing number of file formats to make it easy to build powerful commandline pipelines.

Version: 0.92.1 License: MIT GitHub
Maintainers b4nst herbygillot
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Platforms darwin
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Port notes

Before using Nu as a login shell, run Nu inside of another shell, like Bash.
Then, take the environment and PATH from that shell with the following commands:
config set path $nu.path
config set env $nu.env

Next, on some distros you'll also need to ensure Nu is in the /etc/shells list.
With this, you should be able to chsh and set Nu to be your login shell.
After a logout, on your next login you should be greeted with a shiny Nu prompt.

For further informations, please read the Nu Book at

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