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Multithreaded SQL database server

MySQL is an open-source, multi-threaded SQL database.

Version: 5.7.40 License: (GPL-2 or OpenSSLException) GitHub
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Categories databases
Platforms darwin
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Port notes

On activation if no ${prefix}/etc/mysql57/my.cnf file exists one
will be created which loads

If a ${prefix}/etc/mysql57/my.cnf file exists MacPorts does not
touch it and any changes you make to ${prefix}/etc/mysql57/my.cnf
will be preserved (e.g., during port upgrades, deactivations or
activations). ${prefix}/etc/mysql57/my.cnf is a good place to
customize your mysql57 installation.

Any changes made to ${prefix}/etc/mysql57/macports-default.cnf
will be lost during port upgrades, deactivations or activations so you
are advised to not make changes here. Currently
${prefix}/etc/mysql57/macports-default.cnf contains only one
directive; to disable networking. With disabled networking it is
possible to install and have running all the MacPorts mysql ports

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