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Message Passing Interface (MPI) Library

MPICH is a high-performance and widely portable implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard (MPI-1, MPI-2 and MPI-3). The goals of MPICH are: (1) to provide an MPI implementation that efficiently supports different computation and communication platforms including commodity clusters (desktop systems, shared-memory systems, multicore architectures), high-speed networks (10 Gigabit Ethernet, InfiniBand, Myrinet, Quadrics) and proprietary high-end computing systems (Blue Gene, Cray) and (2) to enable cutting-edge research in MPI through an easy-to-extend modular framework for other derived implementations. THIS SUBPORT WRAPS clang15's C/C++ (AND THE FORTRAN COMPILER SELECTED BY THE VARIANT, IF ANY)

Version: 4.1.2 License: BSD GitHub
Maintainers eborisch mascguy
Categories net science parallel
Platforms darwin
  • g95 (Build using the g95 Fortran compiler)
  • gcc10 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 10 compiler)
  • gcc11 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 11 compiler)
  • gcc12 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 12 compiler)
  • gcc13 (Build using the MacPorts gcc 13 compiler)
  • gccdevel (Build using the MacPorts gcc devel compiler)
  • gforker (Use gforker process manager instead of the default hydra)
  • native (Build for local machine)
  • threads (Build with full thread support)
  • universal (Build for multiple architectures)

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Port notes

The mpicc wrapper (and friends) are installed as:
${prefix}/bin/mpicc-mpich-clang15 (likewise mpicxx, ...)

To make mpich-clang15's wrappers the default (what you get when you execute 'mpicc' etc.) please run:
sudo port select --set mpi mpich-clang15-fortran

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